Mobility Solution

Mobility Solution

Mobility solutions are for today's mobile-first employee driven workforce. When a part of the workforce is on the field and off-site, the challenge for an organization is to keep all the employees connected. PeopleWorks HCM offers a mobility solution in the Leave, Attendance and Payroll Modules, the basic modules required to manage a remote workforce.

Next Generation HCM Solution

Mobility Solution is the Game Changer

The new generation enterprise HCM technology has a unique purpose. Simply making a HCM solution available through a browser is not enough; the application should be native to mobile and should include specific functionality that is appropriate Not only that, but in the game of mobile HCM, user experience is everything.

PeopleWorks HCM Solutions 
Workforce Management Tool

New Age Workforce Management Tool

Convenience for today's mobile workforce

More and more employees are moving to mobiles to transact, whether at home or office. Whether your employee is on travel, on the field, at another branch location or at client sites, PeopleWorks HCM Solution ensures they are connected to the organization. Organizations are taking advantage of mobile and tablet devices to enable and empower workforce.

Geo-Attendance, Leave and Payroll

New Age Employee Attendance Marker

An employee can punch in attendance, apply and get leaves approved, download his payslip and leave reports from anywhere, anytime. In a fast paced employee-centric philosophy, organizations are moving information to employees' hands, literally! Managing Leave, Attendance and Payroll is now easy with PeopleWorks Mobility Solution.

Online Attendance & Payroll Software 


New age UX design ensures PeopleWorks HCM is simple to use

  • Speed of implementation as fast as 30 days for a 1000 employee organization
  • Modular Configurability eliminates need for optimization
  • "Customer Delight Team" for anytime assistance
  • Robust technology ensures high levels of data encryption
  • Modern IT infrastructure facilitates multi-layered server security
  • Easy Integration with a host of other applications