Employee Management

Employee Management

Effective Employee engagement is the key to building a motivated workforce. An engaged workforce is more initiative driven and provides the competitive edge organizations seek in today's marketplace. PeopleWorks HCM is a comprehensive platform that brings together employees, HR teams and Top Management for seamless collaboration,and achieving a shared vision.

Vision-driven Employee Engagement

Creating connected organizations with a common vision

Creating a cohesive workforce hinges on effective collaboration and healthy camaraderie among employees. This vital connect can be effortlessly realized through employee engagement-specific modules of PeopleWorks HCM Solution. Employees can wish their colleagues, access the employee directory, newsletter and gallery, all of which helps minimize communication gaps and create better connect amongst the employees. 

Vision Driven Employee Engagement
Smart Workforce Planning

Smart Workforce Planning

Effective workforce planning for seamless team co-ordination

PeopleWorks HCM automates various daily, monthly, quarterly and annual tasks associated with the employee during his tenure in the organization. The module automates Attendance, Leave, Timesheet, Work Scheduling, Transfer and Exit procedures. These tasks are seamlessly integrated into other modules of PeopleWorks HCM (Human Capital Management) Solution.

Timely Query Resolution

Employee query resolutions simplified and online

PeopleWorks HCM creates a healthy culture of communication which is the first step towards speedy query resolutions. Further, the software enables the creation of well-documented metrics for expectations-setting, mechanisms for providing regular feedback from recruitment to exit and the ability to design a better appraisal processes to evaluate employees.

Timely Query Resolution


New age UX design ensures PeopleWorks HCM is simple to use

  • Speed of implementation as fast as 30 days for a 1000 employee organization
  • Modular Configurability eliminates need for customisation
  • Customer Delight Team for anytime assistance
  • Robust technology ensures high levels of data encryption
  • Modern IT infrastructure facilitates multi-layered server security
  • Easy Integration with a host of other applications