PeopleWorks HCM Benefits


  • A single dashboard for all people related decisions.

  • Determine HR Management efficiency in the organization.

  • Create a robust HR system with the best global practices incorporated.


  • Plan efficient HR related cash flows.

  • Payroll processing in minutes.

  • Invest in a no CAPEX solution for quicker ROI.

HR Manager

  • Streamline HR processes and create HR efficiency.

  • Enhance your role to HR Strategy by automating administrative HR.

  • Create an engaged and motivated workforce.

Project/Line Managers

  • Create workflows for smooth functioning of a team.

  • Ensure productivity from individual team members.

  • Review performance as per KRA and request for training as desired.

Department Managers

  • Define clear project plans, resource allocation and schedules.

  • Review team performance and department productivity.

  • Manage approvals and review team reports on the go!.


  • Reduce dependency on HR.

  • Access information and documents through the self-service portal.

  • Contribute ideas and stay connected with the organization.

Who benefits with PeopleWorks

  • CEOs - view a single dashboard to make employee related decisions
  • CFOs - manage better cash flows with HCM investment
  • HR Managers – Streamline HR processes and save HR time and cost
  • Project/Line Managers - manage efficient workflows and project schedules
  • Department Heads – ensure department productivity and track performances
  • Employees - reduce dependency on HR department with a self-service portal