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Is Managing Employees Online Tougher Than Expected For HR?

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Is Managing Employees Online Tougher Than Expected For HR

The pandemic has made work processes difficult for HR leaders.

 HR professionals are now working around the clock, taking unprecedented measures to ensure their employees’ safety & well-being and organisation survival.

These professionals deal with multiple tasks: creating business continuity plans, drafting emergency communication procedures, or adjusting to remote mass work. All these tasks need to be carried out systematically.

Human resource management systems play a crucial role in helping HR personnel manage remote working efficiently.With the availability of various features like attendance tracking, payroll management, talent management and more, the HRMS have made remote work tracking very convenient.However, the prolonged remote working atmosphere has made it difficult for HR to manage employees online.

Although HRIS systems are a boon, today, HR personnel find it difficult to manage employees online.

There are several reasons for the same. Employees might forget to clock in/out, affecting the payroll management too. Employees might not read notices on time, and new joiners might find it difficult to operate the HRMS.During such times, the HR team finds managing employees online extremely difficult.

So if you’re an HR manager or an organisation aiming at improving its HR working, reading this blog might be helpful!

In this blog, we will discover ways of efficiently using human resource information system software to help HR manage employees better online.

1.Update Employee Contact Information Regularly

It is highly critical to update employee information. 

It helps HR share news promptly. The HR team must remind all employees to regularly review and update their contact information when necessary, along with the procedures for doing so. Managers can then alert employees about important information like new working hours, CO-VID 19 norms to follow within the office and more.

2.Display All Policy Changes Clearly

For organised employee management via online channels, HR managers must regularly update the HRIS for reflecting new and revised policies relating to CO-VID 19.

HR must also explain to employees where they can view the new policies and guidelines and access critical documents like pay statements and more.

3.Focus On Employee Engagement

A Robust Human Resource Information Management System Software offers an environment that brings teams together to work on different projects or even gives employees a channel to keep in touch during social distancing or remote work. An HRIS offers HR an opportunity to show employees the value of investing in these systems and how they help during crisis times.

4.Keep Employees Updated About The HRMS 

A primary task the HR must execute for managing employees better online is to keep every employee updated on the new changes or feature additions within the HRMS. The HR team must ensure that all employees clearly understand and know how to view the HRMS schedules and record remote work time without any hassles. Remember, it is an entirely new process for employees, and there might be a few hiccups. As most of the employees usually rely on their managers to convey them all critical notices. HR personnel must also inform managers about workflow changes, whenever applicable, and how they can support each other using the HRMS features to manage their team efficiently.

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