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Talent Management

Talent Acquisition & Onboarding

Recognize performance towards talent nurturing

Nurturing talent starts right from the time of onboarding where new hires are being inducted into the organizational system. Using the PeopleWorks Solution, HR departments can capture interesting and relevant details about new hires and transmit this information to various departments at the click of a button

Employee Development

Succession Planning for employee development and mentoring

Nurturing an employee’s development involves several processes and effective management of employee-data. PeopleWorks HCM appreciates the importance of the same and provides distinct features for Workforce Planning, Performance Management and Competency Management.

Leadership Planning

Encouraging and recognizing leadership to build next level leaders

Recognizing talented associates goes beyond merely measuring their performance. Reporting Managers and the HR department must undertake certain interventions at times. PeopleWorks Solution recognizes the same and packages insightful features around Learning & Development, Compensation & Benefits and Rewards & Recognition Management.