Service industries can connect
with old and new employee through HCM
and build long lasting relationship.


Reputed service industries which manage giant workforce should use HCM for better man- management and planning.

Contributions from established companies which are into aviation, hospitality, media and other service sectors are immense and these business conglomerates will only see unimaginable growth in the coming years.

HR Challenges in the Service industry


Inability to hire best-fit candidates

Given the fact that services sector places more emphasis on people skills and less on technical/academic qualifications, job profiles are often loosely described. This creates huge challenges during recruitment, as although there are innumerable candidates available, identifying the best fit can be an issue.

Inadequate orientation at work

Unlike Technology or Finance-related roles, Services sector employees are given little orientation at the workplace and expected to perform from almost day one. This can cause low employee-morale and poor performance at times.

Retention of long-term employees

Attrition is not as serious a problem as with other industries and associates generally tend to stay for longer durations. As a result, there is less priority given to engaging them, which leads to attrition of long-term employees.

Recognizing top performers

Given the loose job descriptions at some levels, and in some industries, there is skill overlap between different members of a team or division. As a result, recognizing and rewarding star performers consistently, year-on-year, can be a challenge at times.

Rise in the demand of aesthetic skills

Frontline staffs need effective soft skills to relate with clients. There is a need for constant skill development as the change in the service sector. Frontline employees’ appearance is now an integral part of an organization as they are the first point of contact between the client and the organization.

Recruitment and selection

It relies heavily on social skills rather than technical skills as there is a need for employees to interact well with the clients to fulfill the demand of the business. It has become increasingly important for managers seeking to get the right person that will ‘fit the part’. Not necessarily based on experience but also on personality traits.

PW Solutions for
Service Industry

Companies which are into service sector can nurture the capabilities of their employees’, retain the existing employees for long time, offer comprehensive training and do various other useful activities.

Recruitment, onboarding and training

Organizations can engage seriously in recruitment drive, onboarding and training.

Learning and development

Service organizations can focus more on learning and development.

Recognize top-performer

Employees will work with dedication only when employers recognize their works and promotes them during appropriate time. Employers can check their progress and easily evaluate their performance.

Maintain better organization standard

Companies can maintain better organizational standard and best decorum.

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