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Real Estate

Companies which are into real estate
business should implement HCM to
see high levels of production.


Agencies, brokers and intermediaries should start using HCM to improve productivity.

Reputed builders, engineers and other firms that are into construction industry are constructing
properties throughout the world and this trillion dollar industry will see only extraordinary growth
in near future. Companies which are into construction business can improve their productivity
and gain prominence only which comes with advanced features and modules.

HR Challenges in the Real estate industry


Geographically dispersed workforce

Project teams are dispersed across project sites, headquarters and associated locations, making team management a challenge.

New demand for specialization

As the realty business moves up the value chain, companies are seeking associates with a higher "affinity for client servicing', 'productivity', 'managerial ability' etc., introducing new challenges at the workplace.

Resistance towards automation

Realty business requires more face-to-face interaction with clients and less of remote servicing, creating wrong perceptions around automation.


Like any other business, Realty is also vulnerable to attrition, even as companies experiment with new ideas to retain talent.

Consultants and Temp workers

Realty has created new roles and functional departments such as legal, insurance, sales, marketing, finance etc., most of which are staffed by part-time consultants.

Emerging compliance needs

Realty is one of the least regulated industries, however this is changing as governments around the world create new norms for them.

PW Solutions for
Real estate industry

Real estate business will face lots of challenges and complexities when they maintain employees records in spread sheets or other manual formats. Communicating with on-site employees that are working in far flung countries will be a tough task for the HR executives if there are no HCM tools. HR department automate their roles, decrease attrition, improve employee relationship and see positive changes in the outlook of the employees.

Building business and integration made simple

Civil contractors and builders can seriously focus in business after automating their HR functions.

Quick decision making

Planners, strategists and top-executives can take quick decision and implement their strategies easily.

Payroll and attendance automation

Payroll and attendance managers can automate their rosters, attendance, worksheet and payroll.

Compliance management

Real estate companies can generate statutory and compliance reports quickly and submit the papers to top executives instantly.