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PeopleWorks Brings Efficiency To The HR Management Segment, Through Automation And Technology

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The corporate culture of the 21st century had a lot to do with the rise of the HR industry. Today the corporate world and its mechanisms have changed everything around us. Developing a world-class platform has necessitated the involvement of a SaaS provider. Streamlining HR procedures is indispensable for a positive outcome since companies need to concentrate on expanding their business operations.

PeopleWorks is a similar Human Resource Management brand, operating in the Software as a Service (SaaS) space. The brand is associated with innovative solutions focused on providing HR automation for organisations that have decided and are planning to streamline their HR processes. They also aim at providing HR technology to organisations to maintain world-class standards.

The Motivating Journey of PeopleWorks

Their initial mission was to provide solutions for payroll processing. This core process went on to extend its scope. Following this route, they managed to provide a comprehensive set of software services to their clients. Any fast-growing company or organisation requiring critical HR technology tools could come to PeopleWorks.

PeopleWorks was one of the first companies to adopt the Software as a Service(SaaS) model and a Cloud-Based architecture. This was not easy initially. They had to face resistance and scepticism, but everything was eventually settled as it was standardised in the automation space. The entity surpassed all odds to sustain itself in its domain.

Their Valuable Experiences That Led To Their Efficiency

Life teaches us new lessons each time we attempt something new and different. Things were in the same line for PeopleWorks as they encountered vast experiences throughout their path. These learnings were precious and helped them carve their future goals with much confidence.

The very concept of success has been a mere spectrum to PeopleWorks which is defined by the sheer impact they can have on their customers. It tells a lot about how much they value their customers. Their only goal is to help companies grow rapidly by investing a reasonable amount in the HR process due to the inclusion of automation and services. This way, PeopleWorks has managed and streamlined its HR functions with efficiency.

Core Values That Form The Basis Of Their Work Operation

Every successful business has specific brand values and guidelines that act as fundamental basics for its growth. PeopleWorks also believed in its core ideologies that brought them nearer to its perceived path. They were optimistic and followed these principles diligently.

PeopleWorks has four primary values that include Customer Centricity, Innovation, Transparency, and Integrity. These values are an integral part of the firm and are embedded in their business approach and how they conduct certain things. It is only with these values they have managed to come this far.

Customer Centricity helped them come closer to their target clientele as the company believed in paying special focus on the customers. Innovation is still and will always remain a primary goal for PeopleWorks. It always encouraged the brand to offer something new and out-of-the-box to its clients.

Transparency in all the work models helped them seal their trust and client loyalty, and Integrity helped them build lasting relations that further fostered customer retention and brand scalability.

PeopleWorks Has Unique Mission & Vision For The Company And The Industry

PeopleWorks thrives on the vision of offering itself to be the HR automation solution partner for any firm trying to grow on a world-class level, building companies of global stature and making quite the impact. The brand holds a strong belief that maximising automation to minimise redundant and tedious jobs is the way to take back control in the digital sphere. They wish to achieve this feat by providing anytime scalable HR automation for dynamic management of HR policies and processes.

PeopleWorks have a basket of software models covering the entire employee life cycle, from the point of their joining to the time when they retire. The team has close coordination and a joint vision of taking the brand to the apex of the new-age economy.

PeopleWorks And Its Team- Here Are Some Close Insights

PeopleWorks was founded in the year 2000. The company runs under the leadership of Kiran Nelson Menezes, Krishnamurthy Shankar, and Prashanth Kumar K. Kiran Nelson Menezes is the Chief Operating Officer. Krishnamurthy Shankar contributes with his skills as a Sr. Architect. Lastly, Prashanth Kumar K is appointed as the Head of Sales & Marketing. Their profiles can be found on LinkedIn.

Kiran Nelson Menezes- The Powerhouse Of Hardwork And Dedication

Kiran Nelson Menezes is currently a Senior professional in HRMS. He is an alumnus of St Joseph’s, Bangalore and has a professional experience of over 26 years. His expertise ranges from HR, Finance, Sales, and Payroll to Customer relationship management, functioning through different walks of corporate setup.

After entering the industry, Kiran Nelson Menezes has been helping out HR Leaders in the Industry with practical challenges. Currently, Mr. Menezes is the Chief Operating Officer and an important member of the PeopleWorks leadership team. He instinctively believes that Employee Engagement is vital for an organisation to succeed. He further feels that HR policies and processes are the keys to achieving it. PeopleWorks’ current employee count stands a little over 100.

How PeopleWorks Differentiate Its Services From Its Competition?

One has to have the edge over the others in the industry to survive. PeopleWorks admits that all HR Automation solution providers have a similar technology offering, but the company vastly differs from the norms largely on two fronts. The first is that they are more flexible, and their suite of software services is customised to meet the demands and needs of each customer. Secondly, they are keen to provide outstanding and highly responsive customer service to all of their client base.

Major Milestones Achieved By PeopleWorks

Milestones are always cherished, and PeopleWorks has had its share. It introduced its payroll software in 2002 and acquired its first few clients. In 2010, it rolled out its first version of the full HRMS solution. By the year 2015, PeopleWorks was introducing its Cloud-based HRMS solution. The company reached 100 customers in 2018. By 2020, it had established a base of over 200 customers.

How PeopleWorks Wishes To Impact The Industry?

PeopleWorks has a few ideas for solving business problems linked to the HR industry. Their first contribution would align organisations working on a common focused goal. Secondly, they want to build transparency in the whole HR process. Lastly, they want to achieve all this by increasing the productivity of every employee in the system. This can be only done through technology and the company leaves no stone unturned to come up with new-age solutions.

The Future Plans of PeopleWorks

As innovation is their main forte, PeopleWorks wants to continue innovating its HRMS product. Simultaneously, they want to establish a robust PAN India presence and spectacular brand recognition. Next, they are on the lookout for an expansion to other countries.


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