Xpressbees is an e-commerce logistics specialist company, providing reliable and fast logistics solutions to its partners

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Profile of the Client

Xpressbees is an e-commerce logistics specialist company, providing reliable and fast logistics solutions to its partners. With an extensive network reach, strong technology platform and last mile management system makes them one of the most trusted e-commerce logistics solutions providers in India. The company has a strong technical support, and a burgeoning workforce of more than 1500 employees to manage who successfully deliver 60,000+ shipments every day.

Client Industry

Logistics is the backbone of the economy, providing an efficient and cost-effective flow of goods on which other commercial sectors depend. Logistic industry in India is evolving rapidly with a current worth of around USD 160 billion, it is likely to touch USD 215 billion in the next two years with the implementation of various economic policies.

Business Needs

Though Xpressbees have witnessed an increasing growth in retail, e-commerce and manufacturing sectors. In order to develop the business at par with the economic growth, Xpressbees requires an effective HR system to manage scalable workforce which is implemented via automation.

Client Challenges

The existing process follow had many limitations and interdependencies which affected the overall efficiency of Xpressbees. The major challenges being:

  • Manual practices and dependencies across teams affected organizational performance.
  • Lack of transparency and tedious steps dominated the routine HR transactional processes at the workplace.
  • The span and the scope of HR clearances gave rise to unnecessary compliance steps that have been reducing the productivity time of teams.

PeopleWorks Solutions

Peopleworks, having a clear end-to-end understanding of the process and vision towards implementing automated solutions, could focus on the following for Xpressbees, helping in achieving overall efficiency:

people works

Integrated Core HR System

To help the HR, managers, and staff to spend less time on administration, maintenance, and support tasks by providing employees with a single source of data to access


Automated HR Structure

A structured approach that relied on automation, helping the organization to scale up activities to optimizable levels bringing transparency by cutting down on manual practices.

people works

Administrative Work Ease

By implementing automation for administrative tasks, the organization saved time and money by allocating alternative tasks to the employee directly improving productivity and reducing billability.



The overall improvement achieved in terms of efficiency & ease of Employee Data Management process


Overall improvement in terms of ease of reporting for the HR team


Overall time reduction achieved in managing employee data


Reduction on manual work and the elimination of errors in Leave and Attendance management


Impact of Leave and Attendance automation on employee satisfaction


Improvement in productive man-hours because of the above automation


Reduction of manual work and the elimination of errors in payroll processing


Ease of managing and accessing the CTC & payroll data


Impact of automation of CTC & payroll on employee satisfaction


Ease of managing the separation process


Ease of managing the ex-employee details


Improved focus on Strategic HR initiatives across the organization