Engineering and other manufacturing
industries can acquire talented
workforce through HCM.


Processing and engineering industries that implement HCM will be able to manage workforce efficiently.

Branded industries which are into manufacturing, production and engineering can manage their workforce efficiently when they start using our award winning HCM which comes with lots of useful modules. Employees will indulge seriously in their work and feel
self-motivated when HR implements our advanced HCM.

HR Challenges in the Manufacturing industry


Managing a scattered, diverse workforce

In a globalized supply chain of today, Manufacturing companies must deal with the workforce of Suppliers and resellers, in addition to their own production divisions, all of which could be distributed around the world.

Poor collaboration between departments

Manpower is the most critical component of a Manufacturing Enterprise and must be closely monitored for performance at every step.

Recognizing talent

One of the aspects of managing employee performance is recognizing top performers. This can be a challenge in a production environment, where 80% of the workforce is blue collared.

Building a skilled workforce

Talent can be recognized when the right people are rewarded for the work they are expected to excel at. This requires accurate mapping of the skill set of employees (Gap Analysis) and creation of KRAs (Key Result Areas) for every role.


Skilled workforce as in Sales and Design Teams are not only expensive but prone to attrition. Engaging them adequately and retaining them, can be a challenge at times.

Global competition

HR must create an engaging environment that is able to maximize the productivity, innovation, and commitment of every single employee within every single department just to counteract the lower labor costs enjoyed by the foreign competition.

PW Solutions for
Manufacturing Industry

We have dynamically designed HCM for manufacturing industries which will streamline their HR operations wonderfully Industries that are thinking to implement our HCM should explore its features.

Salaries and wages

Systematize and digitize pay structures using advanced modules.

Manufacturing 2
Expect flawless transactions and integrations

Hr executives can feed employees’ data without errors and integrate easily with other departments.

people works
Online technical support

Our online customer support team will offer technical guidance and resolution services round the clock.

Statists and reports

Companies can take lots of statutory, audit and compliance reports at any point of time.