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IT Enabled Services(ITES)

IT- enabled services that use HCM can
witness growth and productivity.


BPO’s and KPO’s can reduce operational cost drastically.

We have a dedicated support team that will guide ITES companies and understand their
HR software requirements. As a grown-up company in the field of HR automation,
we will evaluate the exact needs of HR requirements and show the latest modules
that will be a perfect fit for them.

HR Challenges in the ITES Industry


Nature of the Job

Employees that are handling monotonous jobs, will expect job rotations in the near future. Managers can analyse the workflow of employees.

Motivation leads to Efficiency

Motivation plays an important role in any organization. Employers can build friendly relation and motivate them by sending greetings.

Huge Training Costs

Start-up firms have to expend huge money towards training costs if they follow traditional methods. They can curtail cost to a great extent training module.

High Level of Attrition

Managers can reduce attrition and retain dedicated employees in their headquarters. They can frequently monitor, evaluate and motivate employees.

Lack of Career Commitment and Mismatch of Expectations

Employees should join a company with ambitious plans to stay in it for a long time. Employers can meet their expectations and offer better salary structure which comes with advanced modules.

Communication Issue

Employer and employee should use effective and time-tested communication channels for sharing their thoughts, ideas, and views. HCM bridges the gap between employer and employee and acts as a mind sharing platform.

PW Solutions for
the ITES Industry

ITES industries which have ambitious strategies to revamp HR culture can bring the expected change.


Data Migration leads to high flexibility and quick resolution of complicated HR problems.

Reduced Dependency

Eliminating unnecessary overheads and reduced dependency on human beings interference.

Manpower Planning

Efficient manpower planning  and proper deployment of employees to various post.

Balanced Workflow

Better accountability and responsibility leads to the proper workflow in various departments.