Information Technology

IT industries that implement HCM
will see highest labour production.


MNC’s can touch new heights in business and witness big growth.

It is one of the departments which face a number of challenges after the advancement of technology
It industry can effectively manage their manpower and bring about magnificent change
when they start using the latest HCM.

HR Challenges in the IT Industry


Attrition / Retention

High attrition rates are becoming a challenge for growing companies. Effective utilization of HCM software will result in a better understanding of employees’ performance.

Recruitment planning

Recruitment drive is an important process which can be simplified and streamlined with the help of automated tools and software.

Training and development:

An employer can offer comprehensive induction, on-the-job and classroom training programs when they use sophisticated automated training modules.

Performance management

Consistent performance appraisal reviews feedbacks and grievance redressal via HCM software improves production.

Compensation management

HR managers can calculate salaries, perks and other emoluments accurately with the help of latest software tools.

Employee empowerment programs

Employers can extract more works by conducting employment empowerment programs regularly through cloud computing software.

PW Solutions for
the IT Industry

Cloud-based HCM solutions integrates all the existing departments and build confidence in the minds of employees.

combines team effort-15
Combines team-effort

The team skills are mapped, more accurately which projects their
capabilities to prospective clients
to work with.

cloud optimization
Cloud- Optimization

The optimized Cloud-based HCM solution provides convenience and mobility that gives clarity towards work. It ensures higher usage (no and)which results in a return on investment.

flexible plan - Peopleworks
Flexible plan

IT solutions are cost-effective and therefore provide less resistance for
Capex allocation. Improves productivity
multi-fold and reduces time-loss
to a great extent.

HR process
HR process

Streamlines HR process continuously and consistently which brings positive changes within the organization.

Information Technology