HR Software For Service Industry

The services sector which compromises industries or functions such as Consulting, Aviation, Media, Hospitality etc. are a significant player in the nation’s economy, in countries around the world. In India, it’s one of the highest-growth sectors at a CAGR of 9% and contributed as much as 57% of India’s GDP in 2013-14.

HR Challenges in the Services Industry in India

  • Inability to hire best-fit candidates: Given the fact that services sector places more emphasis on people skills and less on technical/academic qualifications, job profiles are often loosely described. This creates huge challenges during recruitment, as although there are innumerable candidates available, identifying the best fit can be an issue.

  • Inadequate orientation at work: Unlike Technology or Finance-related roles, Services sector employees are given little orientation at the workplace and expected to perform from almost day one. This can cause low employee-morale and poor performance at times.

  • Retention of long-term employees: Attrition is not as serious a problem as with other industries and associates generally tend to stay for longer durations. As a result, there is less priority given to engaging them, which leads to attrition of long-term employees.

  • Recognizing top performers: Given the loose job descriptions at some levels, and in some industries, there is skill overlap between different members of a team or division. As a result, recognizing and rewarding star performers consistently, year-on-year, can be a challenge at times.

PeopleWorks HCM Solutions for the Services Industry in India

  • creates definitive organization structure for better service standards

  • Automates Onboarding, Orientation and Training

  • Acts as a repository of candidate and job-related information

  • Creates mechanisms to engage associates and partners

  • Makes it easy to recognize top-performing-talent consistently