Retail Industry Hris Systems 

Organized Retail, globally, is on a boom cycle, with emerging markets growing at a faster pace than established markets and established markets driving all-round innovation and future direction for the industry. Unlike E-Commerce where technology is the differentiator, for user experience, organized retail which includes both Storefront Retail and E-commerce is more complex and is dependent on people and processes at every step.

HR Challenges in the Retail Industry

  • Unprecedented competition: As the marketplace gets crowded, margins drop, which has an impact on both compensation and recruitment.

  • Low customer service standards: As retail companies expand in order to beat the competition, the quality of customer service takes a beating once in a while, as employees are not monitored for the same.

  • Lack of training - 70% of the employees are in a customer facing role and poorly managed training programmes impact business negatively

  • Talent crunch with high attrition: Given the seasonal nature of retail sales, retail companies resort to hiring and firing cycles, which causes a talent crunch at times and attrition that comes from low employee morale.

  • Productivity issues: In order to beat the talent crunch and attrition, retail companies resort to hiring temp workers, which has a disparity of skill sets and hence low productivity.

PeopleWorks HCM Solution for the Retail Industry

  • Enhanced level of automation for quicker recruitment cycles

  • Speeds up recurring tasks, thereby increasing workforce productivity

  • Increases operational efficiency and reduces costs

  • Enables better skill mapping and training identification

  • Creates a mechanism for better planning and resource optimization

  • Increases employee engagement overall

  • Engaged employees lead to better customer experience

  • Happy customers lead to better profit margins over time