Healthcare HR Cloud Solution

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing sectors in India and around the world. Healthcare which encompasses Treatment & Recovery, Wellness & Preventive Care and Pharmaceuticals will be a USD 1 Trillion industry, globally, by 2017. Even as life expectancy around the world increases, newer diseases such as lifestyle ailments have increased over the years, making Healthcare a perennial growth industry.

HR Challenges in the Healthcare Industry in India

  • A large, blue-collared workforce

    Only 30-40% of the staff in Hospitals as well as Pharma companies consists of qualified, white-collared workers and the remaining 60-70% are attending staff.

  • Regulations

    As an increasingly regulated industry, Healthcare and Pharma companies need to manage a whole lot of statutory compliances all the time.

  • Multi-location

    With the increase in number of high-value and branded Healthcare or Pharma companies, these companies must deal with a geographically or locally dispersed workforce.

  • Need for specialization

    This industry thrives on specialization, making the recruitment process more complex and long-drawn.

  • Talent Gap

    The supply always falls short of the demand for skilled workforce in this sector making people management a huge challenge for the industry.

  • Perceptions around Automation

    Being heavy on infrastructure costs, most H&P companies fail to automate their HR processes under the wrong assumption of high costs, escalating HR challenges further.

PeopleWorks HCM Solution for the Healthcare Industry in India

  • Cloud-based and easy to integrate with existing HMS (Hospital Management Systems)

  • Very cost-effective, guaranteeing better ROI

  • Easy to manage, recognize and reward employee performance

  • Builds credibility for the institution

  • Reduces operational losses

  • Maximizes revenue from existing staff