HR Software For Education

As Educational Institutions grow in number and size, to accommodate larger student populations, campuses have become larger and sometimes dispersed across geographical locations. Managing multiple blocks in the campus, multiple departments, faculties, laboratories and other amenities, not to mention a whole lot of consultants can be a huge challenge.

HR Challenges in the Education Industry In India

  • Manual & Tedious process of managing Attendance

  • Recruitments are massive and seasonal in nature

  • Marketing Data is scattered across departments

  • Heads of Departments are dependent on other departments such as Finance, Admin and Marketing for smooth operations

  • Knowledge sharing is not easy making collaborations across departments impossible

  • Managing HR-related requests from teaching and non-teaching staff can be cumbersome

  • Existing ERP solutions may not be customized enough or adequate to meet the needs of the Institution

  • Memos and Announcements cannot be made in a simple or automated manner

  • A huge gap in the demand and supply of Talent

  • Severe, and multiple statutory regulations

These challenges make it difficult for the Head of the institution or individual heads of departments to get a unified view of the institution/department. He/she would like only to view critical information without having to mounds of information. PeopleWorks’ HCM can achieve this and more.

PeopleWorks HCM Solution for the Education Industry In India

  • Get a unified view of the institution/department

  • Empowers Heads of Departments to make better data-driven decisions

  • Integrates easily with the incumbent ERP solution

  • Manage faculty and class allocation

  • Track Staff Roster, Classes, Trainings and Transfers

  • Enjoy better operational freedom

  • Mitigate the risk of statutory violations