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Top 10 Hacks For HR To Manage Work From Home In This Pandemic Era

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The global covid-19 pandemic has turned the lifestyle of the entire world upside down. With concern, changes in work culture and the social distancing mantra, lockdowns, quarantine, etc., has led to notable trends. The remote working trend is climbing the headlines and representing the ‘work from home ‘ culture. 

Human resource planning and recruitment employees face several challenges today centring around the work from home culture and norms.

Few common remote working challenges include:

  • Improper work personal life balance
  • Overcoming isolation and encouraging social connects
  • Lack of face-to-face interactions and developing the consciousness of trust in people 
  • With compensating to the positivity in work and personal life
  • To promote productivity and well being
  • Make employees feel less isolated and more connected to the world.

To beat the challenges, induce productivity, and encourage employees, HR can incorporate these hacks in their daily schedule to help them build a work-life balance.

The Top 10 Hacks For HR To Manage Work From Home In This Pandemic Era

Set Priorities and Boundaries

The HR must know the home situation and set priorities based on that; they must be honest with themselves, creating an exemplary commitment. 

Human resource planning and recruitment must be done in a stress-free zone within the home, where there is excellent concentration and minimum distraction.

Stay Organised and Coordinate

Being an HR demands an organised schedule and timely management of interviews, meetings, candidate interaction, and workplace employee engagement. Whilst coordination gains HR with planning the specific job tasks assigned to the peer employees, that must end up into an excellent report, and working smoothly in a group. 

Expand Research and Increase Network

Hiring has been about finding the right individual and expanding business with adaptable strategies. Hiring outside the circles involves research and network building that gains success for remote hiring.

Communicate Effectively

HR has the most significant responsibility of effective communication and assistance to the employees. The human resource planning and recruitment process does not end after onboarding; HR needs to check employee engagement via formal and informal communication channels. HR must be over-communicative with employees in work from home situations, know their distress, and find a way to focus on work, giving them back the lost energy and motivation.

Specialise your Attention at your Perks

When HR knows the area of attention, it makes them focus better on employee engagement, creating business goals and allowing a specified vision for the company growth. This makes them deliver the right messages to employees, giving direction to the overall plan.

Be a Culture Consultant

HR is the primary brick of building the company culture and aligning employees in the environment. The responsibility of human resource planning and recruitment personnel is to maintain a consistent work culture and be a culture consultant to employees.

Efficient Virtual Onboarding

HR involvement in virtual onboarding is not only to be a part of human resource planning and recruitment but also to foster company values. HR has to start helping the new hires and make them feel comfortable, adapted, and productive to the company.

Virtual Events and Development Sessions

In the pandemic era, engagement is the key to  a well balanced and thriving work culture and increased productivity. Hence, HR is responsible for the quality engagement of employees in hosting events placed virtually for a few hours, whether it is a fun activity or a personality development session. 

Strategic Leadership

HR is now not limited to recruitment; it has evolved to a more remarkable aspect: managing company businesses, employee engagement, and taking over leadership to reach workforce goals.

 Practise Selfcare

Apart from the above hacks, HR being sane is most important after all the work responsibilities and consultancy. Self-care is indeed the answer; being conscious about their mental health and creating personal space, and socialising to be in their happy place is the must.

The new approach towards employees operating virtually has become the new normal. Working remotely has emerged as a dominant telecommuting culture. Human resource planning and recruitment must be adapted differently to approach employees and client organisations. 

We at Peopleworks have a unique approach that provides a grip on HR tasks and management, saving you time and money. With a single HCM platform, HR can manage different tasks and operate software, encouraging productivity and saving time. Your HR can work smoothly and effectively with easy management across other locations and in-built compliance update systems. We believe in providing HCM and workforce solutions to the new age challenges.

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