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Listening Build Relationship and Results in Leadership

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building relationships

One of the most ignored factors in HRM practices in most organisations across the globe is the relationship factor. Evidently, there are a series of training modules which are practiced for team building exercises. But are they providing the expected results performance is a million dollar question which HR leaders are hunting for an answer? This problem cannot be fixed unless we uncover the blind spot that lies behind it.

Communication without a connect.

Am Organization Behaviour Research by UCLA says that the cause 84% of organisational performance decline are communication-oriented. Most employees across organisation believe that communication is merely conveying the message and mostly it stops there which is the underlying problem for low performance or business results. The word communication origins from the Greek term called Commune. Which means To  Become One. And communication actually refers to the action of communing people to a single perspective, purpose and intent. How many time do we this happening in our daily lives, professionally or personally?

We need to understand the process of communication to practice it effectively. It is simple but extremely difficult to follow without persistent practice.

  1. Communication starts with listening to the context that is receiving the current context the next person is in.
  2. Conveying the message and the purpose of the communication in a way that is understandable by the person we are communicating to.
  3. Receiving the feedback from the person if he has received the message in totality with its intent & purpose
  4. Confirming if the comprehended message accurate to the person we have communicated to.

This is the fundamental of any human communication. This system is disrupted because of our education system which does not facilitate the critical aspect like Listening, Feedback and Acknowledgement. As a result, we are creating only noise in organizations in the name of communication. Unless HRM departments fix this problem, any effort on bringing a change is not possible. And the first step starts with accepting and acknowledging that this problem exists.

Listening – What the world yearns for?

Let us identify the most essential need of humans. It is actually not food, shelter or clothing. It is listening. Every human being’s fundamental urge and yearning throughout their life is someone to listen to them with empathy. Whenever people tell their problems they are not expecting your advice. But they want you to listen. Internal and external communication in business fails because we do not listen. It takes nothing to listen but we do not do it because listening is a culture which has to nurtured. There is a misconstrued opinion among us that listening means agreeing to whatever we are hearing. This is completely untrue. Listening simply means hear out to a person without the prejudices of their past. This is possible with practice. More importantly, listening daws from genuine CARE. And it will never happen when you fake it.

Listening transforms relationship

When the listening culture is nurtured then it has the power to transform relationship, synergize people and directs a team effort in a single direction. This is the hidden fact and the secret behind the most successful people or organisation. Just question yourself for a minute, that whom do you trust more? The common quality of the person who comes to your mind will be listening to you more. It works everywhere, internally, with clients, in personal life and of course in every aspect of life.

Listening yield leadership

The most critical need of every organisation can simply be achieved with listening. As we discussed people will trust you more if you listen and then naturally they will follow you. Because your listening has created an invisible bond which is their belief that you are taking care of them. You automatically become a leader when people follow you. You can take the list of top 20 great leaders in the world and without an exception, they are good listeners. These are not models or school of thought but these are primitive human nature. When you eliminate these primary human instincts in the name of professionalism and corporate culture then what will be remaining is chaos. We are on the verge of chaos and the logical this is to acknowledge these natures and nurture it with a conducive and inclusive company environment. PeopleWorks HCM solution brings an array of modules which will facilitate effective communication. PeopleWorks solution creates connected organizations with a common vision. Creating a cohesive workforce hinges on effective collaboration and healthy camaraderie among employees. This vital connect can be effortlessly realized through employee engagement-specific modules of PeopleWorks HCM Solution.

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