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How does attendance management software become beneficial for organizations during Covid-19?

By September 21, 2020 No Comments
attendance management software

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous organizations are actualizing adaptable work-from-home strategy in many IT sectors. Tracking attendance manually for remote employees is a huge task. So to ease attendance monitoring and to avoid time theft during this difficult situation, organizations are now starting to use online attendance management software. One of the major benefits is its contactless recognition feature, which will be embraced more extensively over thumbprint biometric for attendance tracking in the wake of COVID-19.

More ways an online attendance management software can ease workforce management, for both the organization and its remote employees:

  • Employees will be able to log their working hours easily. They can clock in and out from anywhere through the web or their mobiles. Thus completely preclude the chance of spreading the virus through human contact.
  • The total work and venture hours can be clocked by employees, making the whole transparent. This also makes employees more responsible for the work they do, and they can access all the information related to their attendance, reducing their dependency on the HR department.
  • Another usefulness is that remote employees can record their working hours without any hassles. Also, when the attendance data of all your employees is present in a central location, payroll processing becomes much easier. This avoids unnecessary confusion, especially when your workforce is large and dispersed.
  • Helps in providing different reports based on available attendance data. By better understanding the attendance patterns of your remote employees, you will be able to identify if the work from home option was effective for your organization. You will be able to understand attendance issues, if there are any, and take the necessary steps to improve your organization’s productivity.

PeopleWorks’ cloud-based attendance management software allows employers to streamline their attendance process across the organization. Attendance policies can be customized according to each location if your organization has several branches across the world. Some of its detailed features are:

  • Real-time employees’ attendance data for managers.
  • Attendance Regularization cancellation request emails contain Approve/Reject button.
  • Desktop Attendance, Geo-Attendance option is available.
  • Excel upload option to update shift timings.
  • Incorporates Shift Roster feature allowing Managers/Department Heads to effectively plan the roasters.
  • Option to map the attendance configuration at a shift level to each set of employees.
  • Email alerts for an employee absentee.

So, if you are looking for the safest way to keep your employees’ attendance in an organized way, PeopleWorks contactless and state-of-the-art attendance management software is the way to go.

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