Healthcare & Pharma

Pharmaceutical and clinics which use HCM
will see positive changes in production.


Traders and others that are involved in health & pharma can empower employees through HCM.

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the world is seeing technological advancement in all spheres. This trillion dollar industry will always see exponential and perennial growth and industries which are into the health sector will be benefited a lot when they start using our HCM software which comes with classic features.

HR Challenges in the Healthcare industry


A large, blue-collared workforce

Only 30-40% of the staff in Hospitals, as well as Pharma companies, consists of qualified, white-collared workers and the remaining 60-70% are attending staff.


As an increasingly regulated industry, Healthcare and Pharma companies need to manage a whole lot of statutory compliances all the time.


With the increase in a number of high-value and branded Healthcare or Pharma companies, these companies must deal with a geographically or locally dispersed workforce.

Need for specialization

This industry thrives on specialization, making the recruitment process more complex and long-drawn.

Talent Gap

The supply always falls short of the demand for a skilled workforce in this sector making people management a huge challenge for the industry.

Perceptions around Automation

Being heavy on infrastructure costs, most H&P companies fail to automate their HR processes under the wrong assumption of high costs, escalating HR challenges further.

PW Solutions for
Healthcare Industry

We have designed and developed world-class HCM software for healthcare industry which will simplify HR tasks to a great extent. Hospitality sectors can automate HR functions with the help of our sophisticated modules and efficiently manage their human resources throughout the year.

Empowers and motivate employees

Advanced modules that empowers and motivates all the employees.

Expect increased revenues

Business owners will start seeing increased revenues right from implementation stage.

people works
Systematic streamlining of departments

Employees will gain knowledge, show enthusiasm, feel self-motivated and work for several hours.

people works
Compliance management

Compliance is systematized and users can take various types of statutory and audit reports during intervals.