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Workforce Management Software

Administration of Employee Policy involves several mundane tasks and loads of paperwork, yet it is critical. Automating the entire workforce management process is crucial to managing heaps of data better and deriving useful nuggets of information from the same.

Workforce Management – Advantages


PeopleWorks Workforce automates various daily, monthly, quarterly and annual tasks associated with the employee during his tenure in the organization. The module takes care of various employee categories like full time, contract and shift employees.


Automates Attendance, Leave, Timesheet, Work Scheduling, Transfer and Exit procedures.

Attendance tracking can be either through Desktop attendance, Geo-attendance or integrated to biometric systems.

Efficiently calculates scheduling and billing of shift employees and overtime hours.

Seamlessly integrates these tasks into other modules of PeopleWorks HCM (Human Capital Management) Solution.


Being part of a cloud-based software, PW Workforce can manage both employee data and company policy in real-time, without the need for frequent interventions by HR Personnel.


Online tracking of data that is also accessible by mobile and integrated to an existing biometric system.

GEO Attendance

For employees on field and offsite, geo attendance can be marked on mobile and geo tagged.

Desktop Attendance

For employees in office with configurable features for shift timings and over time.


Online requests and approval of leave and leave records that is integrated with payroll.

Time Sheet

Enhance employee productivity, ensure on-time project delivery and optimal utilization of resources.

Shift Roster

Schedule employee shifts as per company policy and manage billing for various employee categories.


Employee transfers between departments and locations are now quick and seamless.

Employee Self-Service

Employees can access information and have queries resolved online with little HR intervention.

Travel & Expense

Submit travel expenses online, upload relevant documents for approval and reimbursement.


Employee promotion based on policy is now automated and templated letters mailed to them.

Ex-Employee Portal

Employees who have exited the company can still access their exit documents online.


Automate employee separation from resignation submission to final settlement.