Workforce Management Software

A Human Resource Information System is software that provides a centralized source of employee data for carrying out core human resource procedures.

The HR information system is a software program designed to assist human resources professionals in employee data management.
HRIS helps and assists the HR team in improving efficiency, streamlining workflow, and storing and collecting data.

PeopleWork Workforce management module is a collection of processes that your organization can use to maximize employees productivity.
Workforce Management entails successfully estimating employees’ requirements and managing staff schedules to complete a specific activity on a day-to-day and hour-to-hour level.

Workforce Management – Advantages


PeopleWorks Workforce automates various daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual duties related to an employee’s time with the company. The module manages a variety of employee types, including full-time, contract, and shift employment.


Attendance, Leave, Timesheet, Work Scheduling, Transfer, and Exit procedures are all automated.

Can track the attendance using various methods, including desktop attendance, geo-attendance, and biometric integration.

Calculate shift staff scheduling and billing, as well as overtime hours, efficiently.

Seamlessly integrates these tasks into other modules of the PeopleWorks HRMS (Human Resource Management System) Solution.

Features of Workforce Management

PeopleWorks Workforce Management Module, as part of a cloud-based platform, can handle both employee data and corporate policies in real-time, eliminating the need for regular HR intervention.


Online data tracking is also mobile-friendly and connected with an existing biometric system.

GEO Attendance

For employees on the field and offsite, geo attendance can be marked on mobile and geotagged.

Desktop Attendance

For office employees, with configurable features for shift timings and overtime.


Leave requests and approvals are made online and are integrated with payroll.

Time Sheet

Enhance employee productivity, ensure on-time project delivery and optimal utilization of resources.

Shift Roster

Schedule employee shifts as per company policy and manage billing for various employee categories.


Transferring employees between departments and locations is now painless and straightforward.

Employee Self-Service

Employees can get information and have their questions answered online with little HR intervention.

Travel & Expense

Submit travel expenses online, together with any supporting documentation, for approval and reimbursement.


Employee promotions based on policy are now automated and mailed to them in templated letters.

Ex-Employee Portal

Employees who have exited the company can still access their exit documents online.


Automate employee separation from resignation submission to final settlement.

PeopleWorks Workforce module software works efficiently and matches the right person to the right job, and allows management to keep track of employee activities by improving employees overall efficiency and productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a database that stores information about an organization's employees, such as their name, address, age, income, benefits, time and attendance, performance reviews, and more.
Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is an acronym for Human Resources Information System. The HRIS refers to a data collection and storage system for an organization's personnel. The system handles all tasks from hiring to performance management to learning and development.
"HRIS stands for Human Resources Information System, and it is a management system that provides information to managers to help them make HR choices. HRIS is a system that allows you to keep track of all of your employees and their information. By storing all data in one software, an HRIS avoids data duplication while also eliminating human error. The HR information system is software that every HR department requires to simplify and improve their work efficiency. "