HR Talent Management Solutions

The HR function goes beyond mere hiring and ensuring compensation. It is responsible for enabling associates to perform at their best and evolve as both professionals and individuals. This requires a superior process for managing productivity and performance at the workplace, precisely what PW Talent achieves!

Talent Management – Advantages


Talent Management ensures every single touch point is working in tandem to create a superior workforce that can translate the Business Vision to reality.Our features ensure the organization drives a culture of performance.


Set clear competencies, skills and KRAs against each role and map them to employees.

Normalisation of performance ratings and output to the Bell curve.

Recognize performance towards talent nurturing.

Compensation and Benefits linked to employee performance.

Succession Planning for employee development and mentoring.

Encouraging and recognizing leadership to build next level leaders.



PW Talent is a cohesive Talent Management System that covers various areas from talent acquisition to training, from performance management to competency management, from leadership development to succession planning.

Performance Management

Objective performance evaluations through self rating and multi-rating, equivalent to internal 360° feedback.

Competency Management

Map and build a skilled workforce by creating competency and skill charts for each role.


Encourage best-practices sharing amongst employees and create a database of all the ideas.

Compensation Planning

Create compensation plans and build a tool for employee retention and performance.

Rewards & Recognition

Recognize and reward performances and create a culture of recognition.


Plan and track budgets for compensation and benefits to keep a control on employee costs.