Recruitment Solution

Recruitment is a task intensive activity that can be a drain on the resources of an organization. Automating the entire recruitment activity streamlines and speeds up the process. It also frees up key resources so that the organization can stay focused on its core business activity.

Recruitment Solution – Advantages


Reduces hiring costs by automating the recruitment process.

Manpower resource plan developed and tracked easily.

Mangers can raise hiring requests to HR Managers online.

Resume sourcing and parsing automated to help build a candidate pipeline.

Integration to job portals, career webpage and employee referrals -speeds up candidate shortlisting.

Internal job postings allow lateral movement and job rotation for employees.

Acts as a repository of all documentation.


PW Recruitment is a comprehensive solution that manages the entire process across Role Profiling, Interviews, Offer Management, On-boarding Formalities and Orientation Programs.

Manpower Resource Planning

Create an inventory of the current resources and prepare manpower requirements for the future.

Requisition Management

Raise hiring requests online and keep track of all postings and job descriptions specific to departments and HR roles

Resume Sourcing

Integration with job portals and career webpage ensures a huge pool of suitable candidates.

Resume Parsing

Automates a resume into a structured database format for storage, reporting and analysis.

Internal Job Postings

Allows real-time view of internal jobs for employees to apply for lateral movement and job rotation.

Employee Referrals

Employee referrals produce a better hire, are faster and cost-effective and integrate seamlessly into the solution.

Selection and Interview Management

Automates all interview activities by creating distinct lines of communication between related recruitment executives.

Pre-employment Verification

Verifies personal and professional information of the candidates, directly or through vendors.

Offer Management

Issues offer letters to candidates and keeps track of acceptance letters for both contract and permanent employees.

Candidate Management

Creates a Dashboard Recruitment Platform where all information related to candidates is available on a single page and relevant information is notified to Department Heads.


During on-boarding, the new joinees can familiarize themselves with an organization’s policies and procedures.

Role Based Access

Role based access and delegation of requests within teams can be defined.