Planning and recruitment Module

Planning and recruitment are the top priorities of the HR team.
The primary process of importance is the planning which sets up a roadmap for the business. This process looks over the workforce’s requirements and the workforce’s desired standards to achieve the goals.

With the role of a human resource having varied responsibilities, PeopleWorks HRMS (Human Resource Management System) is created for optimal outcomes. The automated system has all the functionings of traditional system practice to the most advanced technologies, which helps the HR teamwork with ease.

Advantages to Businesses for the Human Resources Planning and Recruitment


Customise hiring pipelines for different roles to add a stage specifically for assessments or video interviews, additional interview stages, and more, based on the role. You will significantly enhance the communication networks and keep candidates updated.

Reduces hiring costs by automating the recruitment process. Expenditure due to Recruitment agencies & vacancy advertisements can be reduced and hidden costs such as photocopying and HR resources.

Workforce resource plan developed and tracked quickly. Online recruiting software provides you with an extensive dictionary of leads, which helps you advertise your job ads and connects you with the correct world.

Managers can raise hiring requests to HR Managers online. Internal job postings allow lateral movement and job rotation for employees.

Integration to job portals, career webpage, and employee referrals -speeds up candidate shortlisting. You could evaluate your sourcing approaches to see where you may be lagging. You can then customise your sourcing and boost it in the future using the same application.

Acts as a repository of all documentation. Having recruitment software in place, one can keep track of all applicants and sort them. There is no longer any need to be concerned about records being misplaced or compromised. Information is stored in the most secure and easily accessible, centralised manner.

Cloud-based recruitment solution system interface is available 24x7.
You can use recruitment software at any period of the day, boosting your efficiency and allowing you to respond to requests and candidates in record time.

Features of PeopleWorks Planning and Recruitment

When it comes to advanced technologies for human resource planning and recruitment, various features make the PeopleWorks planning and recruitment module an ideal one:

Plan Resources and Projects

The assigning of resources that are required for project schedules and the distribution of workload.

Requisition Management

The hiring requests online are put up by this, and it has tracked for all the posts, job descriptions with specific departments.

Resume Sourcing and Parsing

Resume sourcing integrates the job portals and career pages to show a vast pool of talented candidates with adequate job descriptions. At the same time, parsing is the structured format of the database for storage, analysis and reporting purposes.

Internal Job Posting

It allows the internal job movement and the application in real-time.

Employee Referrals

Employee referrals are often productive and are a better, faster way to hire with cost-effective solutions for business organisations.

Track Productivity

The feature has the tracking of every individual employee’s work and motivates optimal productivity.

Multi-Industry Support

This feature supports varied industries and has various roles suitable for them.

On-Boarding and Candidate Management

On-boarding has the familiarisation of the company policies and the procedures. With the candidate management access at the recruitment dashboard with relevant information.


A single command puts up customised reports and reviews.

Why Choose Us?

We at PeopleWorks believe in the implementation of the new and advanced technologies familiarisation that help us cater to the business organisations with higher productivity and following reasons:

  • Bridges the human resources and the organisation’s growth chart.
  • Enhances the quality of workforce balance and optimises the results
  • Improves productivity and initiates better planning.
  • Customer hiring and stage-specific assessments for specified roles.
  • Reduction in hiring costs by automated recruitment procedures.