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Easy To Use Payroll Management Software

Payroll is the business compensation of an organisation or company set for employees with varying periods. 

Such payrolls are different for each employee and are managed by the accounting or the human resource department.

Payroll systems management practises and employee tracking can be a hectic task; this is where payroll software comes into play. 

Payroll software can be handy and the most efficient assistant for all your human resource activities

Why Use Payroll Software?

Payroll Software automates the payroll processes of organisations resulting in an automated and hassle-free payroll system. 

The software handles complicated salary structures and works as a handy tool for managers to deliver efficient and error-free payroll calculations.

Advantages of Automated Payroll Management to deliver controlled Payroll calculations


As the payroll information of each organisation is sensitive, automated payroll software provides you with added security to your data by preventing any unauthorised access.

With the best Payroll Management Software, you can easily calculate the Take Home Salary or Net Salary with accurate PF, ESI, PT calculations.

PeopleWorks Payroll Management Software can automatically calculate the Income Tax of every employee. Its automated salary calculator calculates the income tax deductible by considering the Income Tax Declaration provided by employees and deducting Tax Deducted At Source accordingly.

Provides your employees access to their payslip records and other details comfortably from anywhere, bringing transparency and high morale among your employees as they can examine their pays and benefits.

When tax and compliance laws change, Cloud-Based HR Payroll Software automatically updates the changes, whereas on-premise software must be manually updated. This saves time on research and technical updates while also ensuring that managers and employers access critical data.



Payroll Module defines, captures and structures various payroll components like fixed, variable, flexi-benefits and deductions during monthly payroll activity.

Payroll Processing

Quick, flexible & error-free processing. Effortlessly manages all payroll functions from setup to payslip design to earning-deduction formula with maximum flexibility.

Benefits Administration

Level based benefits administered and changes updated as per employee promotion and job role change.

Pay Structures

Create pay structure as per company policy, along with level and location based benefits.

Full & Final Settlement

Online approvals from respective departments for quick settlements and information sent to payroll.

Compliance Management

Manages all the statutory filings and payments as per the latest rules and regulations and updates compliances of PF, ESI, PT, and TDS.

Flexible Benefits Plan

Role and location based benefits plan can be created and updated during annual increments and promotions.

Income Tax Calculator

Employees can view their income tax calculations online and plan annual investment accordingly.

Payroll Stimulation

Peopleworks Payroll Management Software has payroll stimulation which will help you to have control check on all calculations and ensures that you process and distribute error-free salary

Why Choose Us?


With, your business can gain the best payroll systems management services with the software incorporated with the advanced technologies. We have the following perks that make us the best suitable for the industry:

  • Efficient Compliance Management
  • Flexible And Automated Payroll Processing and Management
  • Robust Benefits Administration
  • Quick and Hassle-Free Income Tax Calculations, Salary Slips Generation and online settlements approval

Frequently Asked Questions

By synchronizing all of your employee information from your HR software to your payroll HR system, and finally to your accounting software, you can adapt to the modern payroll system.
"yes Key steps to implementing payroll software efficiently First and foremost, when adopting a new payroll HR system in your firm. Learn about the system and the software Size and Requirements of the System according to your business Transfer data about your employees You can use HR payroll software for test processing to confirm that the new system is working correctly."
The payroll system is a series of procedures that assists you in streamlining salaries, bonuses, deductions, taxes, and other essential components of your employee's net pay.
Internally Managed Payroll Systems Professionally Managed Payroll Systems Payroll Services Managed by Payroll System Agencies Software Managed Payroll Systems
"The time-attendance system collects employee attendance data in real-time and automatically integrates with the payroll system to automate accurate payroll processing. "
Look no further HCM payroll management software is the best platform for all HR tasks.
Benefits of the payroll system: Quick Secure Automated Customizable Ensures payroll tax compliances
Finance Department or the HR Department.