Payroll Management

Payroll Management can be a complex function, as labor laws around Payroll can be elaborate and vary from state to state. Overseeing the process can be a time consuming, tedious task, primarily if you’re relying on outdated tools like Excel to do all the work. Among all HR apps and frameworks, using HR Payroll Software will explicitly cater to your expectations and increase your company’s productivity to a high level. Automating the entire set of processes around Payroll is the first step towards streamlining your HR Operations and ensuring better statutory compliance.

Payroll Management – Advantages


Since the payroll process is automated, your employees can concentrate on more critical tasks instead of squandering time with the payroll calculation. With a payroll system, it will take a few clicks to get the payslips sorted out for all your employees.

As the payroll information of each organization is sensitive, automated payroll software provides you with added security to your data by preventing any unauthorized access.

With the best HRMS Payroll Software in your hands, you can easily calculate the attendance details of your employees in real-time from anywhere.

The software can automatically file the taxes of every employee. All you have to do is simply approve the filing in order for the tax to be deducted or credited. With these, organizations can prevent the prospect of paying fines on the taxes.

Provides your employees access to their payslip records and other details comfortably from anywhere, which brings transparency and high morale among your employees as they can examine their pays and benefits.



Payroll Module defines, captures and structures various payroll components like fixed, variable, flexi-benefits and deductions during monthly payroll activity.

Payroll Processing

Quick and error-free processing and a centralized system for employees from different locations.

Benefits Administration

Level based benefits administered and changes updated as per employee promotion and job role change.

Pay Structures

Create pay structure as per company policy, along with level and location based benefits.

Full & Final Settlement

Online approvals from respective departments for quick settlements and information sent to payroll.

Compliance Management

Up-to-date compliances like Taxation and PF and generation of periodic statutory reports.

Flexible Benefits Plan

Role and location based benefits plan can be created and updated during annual increments and promotions.

Income Tax Calculator

Employees can view their income tax calculations online and plan annual investment accordingly.