Manpower Resource Planning

Rising employee costs is a huge concern for organizations today, where there is an upward push on expenses and a downward push on margins. Coupled with the issue of costs is employee retention, lack of clarity for employees regarding their growth in the organization and poor mapping of employee skills to their roles. This can hugely affect performance of both the individuals and the organizations.

Manpower Resource Planning (MRP) is the solution. This involves, recruitment planning, hiring, role definitions, training, job rotation, succession planning, leadership development and several other tasks that directly link people performance to organizational outcomes.

Without an automated system for this, manpower planning, forecasting, optimization and analysis can be tedious and inaccurate. PeopleWorks HCM’s MRP feature is a planning and decision-making tool that works across functions to implement a consistent Human Capital Management that delivers results.

Manpower Resource Planning – Advantages


Align manpower resources to business goals by serving as a link between human resource management and the overall strategic plan of an organization.

Balance and optimize organization’s workforce capacity by assessing resource demand for both committed and potential projects.

Maximize productivity with better manpower planning.

Perform detailed resource gap analysis to identify over and under-utilization of resources.

Monitor and evaluate the plan on a regular basis to ensure that they are moving the organization in the desired direction.



The MRP feature includes Goal setting, selection strategy, retention strategy (talent management strategy and leadership development.

Plan resources and projects

Assign resources based on project schedules and workload.

Multi level roles

The feature allows Initiator to create the plan and Approver to finalize it.

Concurrent activities

Map employee competencies against different projects and initiatives for better utilisation.

Track productivity

The feature allows you to schedule employee workload for optimum productivity.

Add dependencies

Set dependencies where one tasks needs to be initiated after completion of another.

Multi-industry support

The MRP feature supports several industries like IT, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education and many more.


Customize the reports and review the periodically.