Learning and Development Solutions

As organizations embrace the concept of ‘lifelong learning’, their learning and development needs are becoming more complex. Understanding the learning needs of several associates and implementing the training programs can be a very daunting task. PW L&D can help your organization overcome this challenge very effectively.

Learning and Development Solutions – Advantages


Identifies skill gaps in employees and creates opportunities for learning programs.

Manages the entire cycle across skill gap identification, training program initiation, budgeting and costing analyses, implementation, feedback capture and ROI calculation.

Helps create a career plan for employees and demonstrates the management's commitment to its workforce.



This module helps to understand the learning needs of the organization, implement training programs and evaluate their effectiveness.

Training Calendar

Helps to create a training calendar and send auto notifications regarding training details.


Nominations can be made by the Employee/Reporting Manager and online approvals made by the Department Head/HR Manager.

Training Cost Tracking

Evaluates costs and Return On Investment for all training programs.

Training Attendance Record

Keeps track of training attendance and generates year-end reports for all employees.

Training Feedback

Create a template for training feedback and view training performance and effectiveness.