Learning and Development Solutions

HR Software manages HR functions and aids HR professionals in managing the modern workforce, from employee data management to payroll, recruitment, benefits, training, talent management, employee engagement, and employee attendance.

PeopleWorks Human Resource software offers streamlined learning and development solutions that automates tasks and manages data by saving valuable time and reducing paperwork. Employees can focus on higher-level duties with our HR software, which leads to better planning, more strategic decision-making, and higher job satisfaction.

Advantages of Learning And Development Solutions:


Identifies skill gaps in employees and provides learning opportunities.

Manages the entire cycle across skill gap identification, training programme initiation, budgeting and costing analyses, implementation, feedback capture and ROI calculation.

Assists employees in developing a career plan and demonstrates management's commitment to its workforce.

Features of The Learning And Development Solutions

PeoplesWork HR Software’s Learning And Development Module aids in the understanding of your organization’s learning needs, implementation of training programmes, and the evaluation of their effectiveness.

Training Calendar

Aids in creating the training calendar and sends training related notifications automatically.


Nominations can be made by the Employee/Reporting Manager, and online approvals made by the Department Head/HR Manager.

Training Cost Tracking

Evaluate costs and Return On Investment for all the training programs.

Training Attendance Record

Keeps track of training attendance and generates year-end reports for all employees.

Training Feedback

Create a template for training feedback and view training performance and effectiveness.

Partnering with Peopleworks Learning and Development Module will assist you in attracting top talent, strengthening your onboarding process, increase employee retention, elevate employee perks, deal with fewer compliance concerns, access HR remotely, and save time and effort.