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Geo Attendance System Software

Managing employees on the field can be a huge challenge for any organization.  Marking field employees’ attendance from any location, time-management, payroll integration and task assignments are some of the difficulties of multi-location work sites.  PeopleWorks HCM offers a Geo-Attendance Solution on a mobile platform that ensures off-site employee management and engagement.

Geo Attendance – Advantages


Enables organization to capture the attendance of their employees from any location, at any given time.

Geo-attendance and Geo-fencing features allows managers to track employee location, distance and route travelled.

Track real time location of all your employees on field or other work sites.

Employees can mark their attendance via mobile once they enter the building or its defined radius.

Minimal dependence on phone data. Auto tracking once device boots, auto approval when employee logs in location and continuous tracking even when application is terminated.

Effortlessly integrate Attendance data with Payroll and Leave module.



The Geo-Attendance Module tracks the movement of employees within a location and between locations.  Information can be accessed both by the employee and the manager, which leads to better information sharing and easy-to-manage attendance.


HR can monitor the movement of employees in pre-defined location/building and its surrounding radius.

Active and Passive Monitoring

The manager is always aware of an employee’s movements, data and mobile status and automatically gets a message when the data or device is switched off.

Employee billing

Aggregate employee billing based on work site attendance records and electronic time sheet.

Engaged field employees

Employees can record their field movement and also connect with their managers through instant messages from a location.

Multi mode tracking

Geo-attendance works well on basic smartphone, thereby reducing critical dependencies. Cell ID/Cell Tower based tracking when GPS is turned off.

Customised notifications

Customised notifications when employee enters, exits or is absent from work site. Auto notifications for low phone battery and device shutdown.

Compliance reporting

Geo-attendance is a solution for organizations requiring employee field status for work audits.