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Core HR Solutions

Employee engagement is critical to driving higher productivity, enabling ease of collaboration, reinforcing positive workplace behaviour and creating a culture of excellence. Effective employee engagement requires quick, easy and detailed access to employee information, in order to mete out meaningful intervention in favour of the employee.

Core HR Solutions – Advantages


Creating a centralized and comprehensive database of employee details that can be efficiently controlled.

Details can be updated by the employee, his/her Reporting Manager, the HR Manager and Top Management.

Employee Database Management ensures comprehensive and accurate employee data on a single platform.

Improved employee engagement by way of surveys, polling, feedback and quick query resolutions.

Mobility ensures ease of organization connectivity to manage a mobile workforce.


Core HR is invaluable as it provides key insights on workforce morale, identifies opportunities for lateral hiring and addresses possible areas of concern.PW Recruitment is a comprehensive solution that manages the entire process across Role Profiling, Interviews, Offer Management, On-boarding Formalities and Orientation Programs.

Employee Records

All employee data available on a single platform for easy access.

Organization Structure

Create a structure and map employees to the organization structure.

Employee Engagement

Engage with employees and enhance employee experience.

Broadcast, Query and Survey

Create a connected organization.

Probation to Confirmation

Automate confirmation process after probationary period.