Core HR Solutions

HRMS is the software used to manage the essential functions of HR processes of every organization. 

Core HRMS is a human resource management system with strategies and solutions; basically, the software organizes that data and facilitates the functions.

PeopleWorks HRMS (Human Resource Management System) is developed with the diverse responsibilities of the HR team in mind. 

The automated system combines all of the functions of traditional techniques with the most cutting-edge technologies, allowing human resources to work more efficiently.

You can ensure a safe, centralized place to keep vital (and private) employee data, organize that data, automate repeated HR operations, and generate reports as needed by deploying our core HRMS software.

Core HR Solutions – Advantages

PeopleWorks HRMS software will save your organization time and money, boost employee happiness and retention. It will allow the HR team to focus on more strategic duties rather than manually monitoring processes because it holds the following advantages:


Creates a centralized and comprehensive database of employee details that can efficiently control.

Organize workflows and automated policies for Probation to confirmation process.

Empowers employees to apply leave and mark attendance to create transparency in their productivity time

Improves employee engagement through surveys, polling, feedback and quick query resolutions.

Helps Employee to know their organization structure, reporting manager

Features of Core HRMS Solutions

Core HRMS is priceless because it gives crucial information on employee morale, highlights chances for lateral hiring, and tackles potential areas of concern. HRMS is a complete system that handles all aspects of the hiring process, including role profiling, interviews, offer management, onboarding formalities, and orientation programmes.

Employee Records

For convenient access, all employee data is available on a single platform.

Organization Structure

Create a structure and map employees to the organization structure.

Employee Engagement

Engage with employees and enhance employee experience.

Broadcast, Query and Survey

Create a connected organization.

Probation to Confirmation

Automate confirmation process after probationary period.

PeopleWorks HRMS is customizable to your company’s needs, allowing you to manage the entire HR cycle in one user-friendly digital environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The core HRMS provides remote access and enables employee self-service. It means that employees can quickly generate documents themselves irrespective of their location via simply logging into the system with their credentials.