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ENTERPRISE EDITION – For Business Conglomerates

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Additional Features

The valuable additional features which comes along with HCM package will systematise entire business

Recruitment Solutions

PeopleWorks simplifies the tedious recruitment and on-boarding function by automating the candidate selection process and building a pipeline of qualified prospective candidates.

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CORE HR Solutions

Employee database and details forms the core around which all other modules are tied to.

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Payroll Management

PeopleWorks’ award-winning Payroll Module is the most sought-after solution from the PeopleWorks HCM basket. Expertise in Payroll Solutions and HR Statute take this module to a whole new level

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Workforce Management

Administrative HR is now simple and streamlined. The Workforce modules encompasses a diverse set of Human Capital Management tools and features that automate day to day HR Management effortlessly.

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Talent Management

PeopleWorks Talent module facilitates employee career management thereby enabling retention of key resources in the organization.

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Learning & Development Solutions

PeopleWorks Learning and Development module identifies skill gaps in employees and provides opportunities for learning programmes.

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Manpower Resource Planning

Manpower Resource Planning (MRP) is the solution. This involves, recruitment planning, hiring, role definitions, training, job rotation, succession planning, leadership development and several other tasks that directly link people performance to organizational outcomes.

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Geo Attendance

PeopleWorks HCM offers a Geo-Attendance Solution on a mobile platform that ensures off-site employee management and engagement.

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