Employee Management Software

Employee Engagement

Vision-driven Employee Engagement

Creating connected organizations with a common vision

Creating a cohesive workforce that hinges on effective collaboration and healthy camaraderie among employees. This vital connect can be effortlessly realized through employee engagement-specific modules of PeopleWorks HCM Solution. Employees can wish their colleagues, access the employee directory, newsletter and gallery, all of which helps minimize communication gaps and create better connect amongst the employees.

Smart Workforce Planning

Smart Workforce Planning

Effective workforce planning for seamless team co-ordination

PeopleWorks HCM automates various daily, monthly, quarterly and annual tasks associated with the employee during his tenure in the organization. The module automates Attendance, Leave, Timesheet, Work Scheduling, Transfer and Exit procedures. These tasks are seamlessly integrated into other modules of PeopleWorks HCM (Human Capital Management) Solution.

Timely query
Timely Query Resolution

Timely Query Resolution

Employee query resolutions simplified and online

PeopleWorks HCM creates a healthy culture of communication which is the first step towards speedy query resolutions. Further, the software enables the creation of well-documented metrics for expectation-setting, mechanisms for providing regular feedback from recruitment to exit and the ability to design better appraisal processes to evaluate employees.

Employees are the driving factors behind an organization’s success. The more efficiently and productively they perform, the better an organization prosper. PeopleWorks’ Employee Management Software grants that much required boost in efficiency with features that are aimed to make employees’ daily tasks swift and straightforward. It encompasses a whole set of employee-centered HR processes like Hiring, Training, Communication, Rewards & Benefits, Query Resolution, and more throughout the employee lifecycle.

Employee Management – Advantages

  • Allows HR to validate and secure all the employees’ records such as personal details, bank details, emergency contacts, and even a record of his/her sick leaves through their PeopleWorks portal.
  • Employees and managers can have access to the instant record of absenteeism and the number of hours put into work every day. This allows employees to be more responsible and stay on top of their punctuality and absenteeism rates before it becomes an issue.
  • Adjustable to the ever-increasing work demand for growing organizations and helps to drive & execute rule-based workflow by integrating with other modules.
  • Employees can create and send appreciation cards through PeopleWorks Login based on their requirements. Through Rewards & Recognition, this Performance Management Software allows rewarding employees based on their performance. It specifies the reward name, the frequencies with which it will be given to the employees, along with the description.
  • HR can view the queries of all the employees and mark their status with remarks. It also allows the configuration to escalate/prioritize the query.