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Your Organization’s growth chart fuels on its Culture!

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organisations growth chart fuel

Organizations aspire to have employees who bring out their best into work every single day. Enthusiastic employees are an organizations invisible ladder to attain competitive advantage in this world of cut throat competition. Turning the table, for an employee, an organization is a platform which gives them wings to realize their humble dreams and ambitions. Each month, some 100 odd hours of a workforce are spent at work. Evidently, the culture of a particular organization is bound to have a serene impact both in their professional effectiveness and personal perspectives of an employee.

For nurturing a healthy culture in an organization it is important for a company to dwell on a transparent and efficient internal communication channel. An enthusiastic environment is conducive of getting contagious in the organization, triggering growth potentialities – of each individual thereby of the organization as a whole!

Corporate Culture

Why Culture Matters – Just fancy perks are not enough anymore!

In the present candidate driven current employment setting, the focus has now shifted from just compensation; candidates are found to turn down offers on account of thin line of growth potentialities and the working environment. With advancement in technology, candidates can now review what is being said about the organizations online. Helping them build a perception about their prospective employer. It is thus imperative for the companies today to build in a healthy organizational culture that gives out an impression of positivity, humble encouragements and persistent growth.

An organization irrespective of its strength, large or small will encompass in its own realm a distinctive organizational culture. It is easy for a company of handful employees to communicate and share, most importantly talk through the decisions that are being made in the organization. However, when the organization grows and is affluent enough, an employee would not even know the other person who passes by them in the company. Apparently, we cannot expect the leadership squad to be well conversant with each and every employee of the organization. It might thus be difficult and would not always be easy to communicate and dwell on a specific culture in vision of the organization’s objectives.

 Invariably, culture is what keeps an employee moving in an organization. A culture in an organization connotes to the ideologies, beliefs, values and principles that the work force of an organization envisages. An efficient communication system helps a company burgeon heaps and bounds on the culture front. Or else, the employers make it susceptible for the employees to determine what type of communication does its rounds in the company.

To make a decent and favorable working environment it is a requisite to have effective communication in place. Following are the key indicators that stridently reinstate the importance of an effective communication to build in a friendly flourishing culture:

  • Stirring Employee Retention – With attrition founding its footing across industries, it is a gargantuan task to retain quality workforce. Attrition affects the business of an organization with its high costs. An organization that renders continuous value to its workforce for its contributions bestows a positive attitude and thereby boosts employee morale. A healthy communicative organizational culture thus established will help retain the valuable workforce and consequently reduce costs of human resource department for hiring & training new recruits.
  •  Accelerating Productivity & Quality – With effective communication, managers will be habitual to build on an environment in the company that will churn out positive outlook in the organization. Communication ensures efficiency even at the ground level- avoiding any misinterpretation or confusion. Nurturing communicative culture, the managers may easily motivate the workforce and bring about the changes desired in the organization to scale new heights. With a positive stance stirring up improved productivity and quality gets easy!
  •  Building and maintaining Reputation – Who better to talk about an organization than its valuable employees! An employee undoubtedly is the face of an organization for the many people that he/she knows. Each employee is an asset to an organization. Without undermining the work ethics of an organization, a healthy culture that inhabits trust, transparency, teamwork and reliability will have the company build in a good reputation for itself. Thus, strengthening the importance of communication and culture within the workspace amongst employees and the employers.

 Corporate Culture1

If an organization is looking out for a culture that is proactive and creative, it is necessary that the leaders of the organization communicate the same to the employees and reinforce the idea in their communications.

 Strengthening the Connect through PeopleWorks!

To unlock the potentialities of a work force, it is thus important that an organization bestows them with respect – gives due credit for their accomplishments and that their contributions are valued. With path-breaking technology, PeopleWorks, Talent Nurturing Solution, makes communication simple and easy within the organization. We understand that presenting clear information at the right time is vital for a smoother workflow. So now you no longer need to rely on someone else’s words. Connect up with your organization and be in the midst of all happening events.

 Breaking the barriers of information, PeopleWorks’ innovative suite of connect module provides employee communication tools ensuring a better connect in the organization. The simple and user friendly module gives one the leverage of wishing colleagues on their birthday’s with the Birthday list, helps find contact details of fellow team members through Employee Directory, gives one updates about the recent events with its Message Board and Newsletter section and there’s more connect on offer! All this in one single window!

It is said, information is power, and these modules make it placid for the organization to share the recent developments of an organization with ease. Building on the trust and transparency factor! Celebrate your team’s success, congratulate your team mates, and keep them informed effortlessly!

Serving as a single-point contact, between the organization and its employees, PeopleWorks Connect module serves as a comprehensive communication channel giving one the freedom to access all germane information at one place!

 Experience the delight of connecting better amidst busy schedules with PeopleWorks Connect Module!

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