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Why PeopleWorks?

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why people works

If any organization wants to automate their day-to-day HR activities & functions, there are many choices available from expensive ERP based setups or software automating anything from Attendance to Payroll. However, there is not a single Human Resource Information System or Management Tool to choose, if you want to effectively combine automation, affordability and mobility.

Not just a tool of automation – Not just a database for information – Not just a software. But a comprehensive and all-inclusive Solution which takes care of all the activities of every single employee from Hire to Retire. A solution which is accessible from everywhere yet is functionally customizable according to the end user’s role.
The one answer to all the HR issues & needs of enterprises varying in the sector, size and location are –PeopleWorks – A solution which saves you both Time & Money by optimizing employee productivity.

The advantages of PeopleWorks as a comprehensive Human Resource Management System may be summarized as freedoms & rights:

Freedom of Choice – Being modular in nature, our customers are free to choose which module or group of modules they want to subscribe. It is available on a pay-per-user subscription basis (SaaS) so that you may upscale or downsize your subscription according to your need. Minimum initial investment with no recurring costs for hardware maintenance or software support ensure that it is affordable to even small and medium scale businesses.

Freedom of Mobility – Being available on Cloud it is accessible through the Internet – anywhere, anytime with zero downtime. Not just a PC or laptop, you can use it even on your Android & iOS smartphones.

Freedom of Data Security – World class multi-layer security for data storage & transfer ensures that all user data is only accessible by the concerned person.

Right to Expert Insights – Leveraging years of HR experience and insight, it truly implements Employee Self Service and Employee Connect to give you a well-connected, motivated and productive workforce which maximizes your RoI.

Right to After-sales service – Every client of ours has a single point of contact for all their queries. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager would make sure that none of your issues go unheard of, it at all they arise. Moreover, regular online system upgrades also to ensure no system downtime.

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