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When Beard affects your Bread!

By November 23, 2016 No Comments
When Beard affects your Bread

Did you know that Alexander the Great was a fine critic of facial hair? And his reason was hilariously related to battle safety measures, believing that the beard of the soldiers could be easily grabbed by the opponents. Undoubtedly, beards look great on men, but the ongoing trend of keeping a stubble is infiltrating corporate norms. Stylized facial hair can make your day look cool and comfortable, but may alter the idea of professionalism.

So we need not judge what’s better looking, but it’s important to understand the corporate culture when it comes to grooming for an office day. We often notice advertisements related to employment having clean shaved men posing as perfect candidates for the vacancy. The message has remained clear, that shaving is an unsaid requirement for the expected ideal candidate.
So does your beard affect the recruitment process? Maybe, but there might be consequences while resisting a protocol.  Enraging your boss for a reason such as “Not Shaving” might look like pushing the boundary.

Therefore, going by the books, a shaved man looks more competent and prepared for his day. Reminding his co-workers that he has time to groom himself well regardless of the busy schedule.
Walking into a meeting, an official ceremony or even a photoshoot- clean shaved men remain more confident says the HR. Be it a presentation or a client meet your boss is always impressed when you enter cleanly shaven.

But does your beard really affect your KPI?  Does your beard grab more attention than your promotion? Does it respond to emails or take decisions on behalf of you?
Your beard may be the reason for this season but make sure you style it well to impress your opponent and HR for the sake of safety at work.

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