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WELCOME the best talent with ease

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welcoming the best talent

When an employee joins his/her official duties on the first day, they form their first impression on their employer. More often than usual, the candidate’s first day at the office is very confusing and hectic as most of the things needed for the person to start work is still due.

What if there was an inbuilt mechanism which ensured a favorable first impression of your employee about your organisation? Such a mechanism would pre-inform the concerned departments that a new joint would be inducted on a particular date. All the appointment formalities are completed smoothly and the official assets allocated to the employee are handed over to him/her on the very first day.

The Welcome (Onboarding) module of PeopleWorks ensures that your new joiners are impressed by how systematic your office is and silently urge them to be organized in their own work. Besides this the other things which are facilitated by the module are:

The Welcome (Onboarding) module helps the HR in:

  • Tracking the reporting of candidates on their respective joining dates
  • Tracking document submission
  • Issuing Appointment letters with minimum edits to preset templates
  • Create & update Basic Employee details and make it part of the
    employee database
  • Inform only the concerned personnel and departments about every single
    new candidate to ensure smooth induction
  • Enable Employee Self-Service with regard to various formalities like financial details updation (PF nominees, bank accounts, etc.)

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