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We Need An Intelligent HR Automation Tool

By November 26, 2015 One Comment
intelligent HR automation tool

An intelligent Human Resource Management automation solution comes with inbuilt capabilities to analyze complex business scenarios anHR_Automation_Intelligence_1d provides appropriate solutions. Such tools use its machine learning competencies to learn diverse circumstances and create new capabilities to manage them.

In the Indian market context, we are way behind this phase. In such a scenario, companies are looking at disruptive global players to overcome such challenges. We see a dire need of rightly skilled product leaders who can develop solutions that can cater to the complex Indian HR scenarios, towards implementing global best practices.

HR Automation Intelligence

Today, only a handful of Indian HRM automation companies understand the technological deficiencies and continuously innovating to bridge the gap. The real distinction lies in the powerful machine learning capabilities and integration. An intelligent automation solution understands the complex business scenarios and provides appropriate solutions through in-built machine learning capabilities. It connects the dots and eliminates or minimizes the manual intervention.
This amplifies the user experience by enabling critical decisions; advanced intelligent software that can generate not just trending MIS, but analytics as well. It’s a modern platform that helps managers see the emerging trends and deviations clearly without investing any additional time, but, on the contrary, this saves ample time for other strategic roles.

Today, the cutting edge intelligent automation technologies are rightly designed to configure and run the services on preventive mode. They provide forecasts and warning for break down, and even suggestions, which is quite a leap when we compare it to traditional services of resolving problems post-occurrence. These mature automation solutions have built-in intelligence as they are designed by the domain experts. These HR automation solutions also have the capacity to grow on a continuous basis as they face more and more complex scenarios and data coming in. This enables companies to invest small and scale their Human Resource Management Software, as the business grows.

Intelligent HRM automation solutions continuously learn from real-time complex scenarios and uses it to create new capabilities to handle them. To recognize an intelligent automation solution in the clutter of look-alike offerings, one should evaluate the below factors:
• The level of HR domain knowledge of the service provider
• Software development skills & delivery process
• Any failure or system breakdown history
• Is the solution provider ready to provide service during extreme scenarios & critical business timelines?

The Future Ahead

The need is to work together among the entire HR community to help the service providers create better solutions based on the real pain points. This will help organizations save money and increase productivity while focusing on integrated business growth.

PeopleWorks has been a pioneer in Automated HRMS providing intelligent solutions based on current industry needs. The company has been continuously investing in technology advancement and innovation capabilities to address various future industry demands. Contact us to know more.

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