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Triggering Bonhomie & Productivity at Work

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Triggering Bonhomie & Productivity at Work

To keep the influx of productivity quotient injected into the employees, it is vital that they are constantly motivated at work. Managers across industries will unanimously give their consent to the fact that motivated employees are the most productive and creative in an enterprise. Undoubtedly, they are also the ones who put their best foot forward at work which in turn is in the interest of the organization and the employee’s personal career growth graph.

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 On a lighter note, American author, salesman, and motivational speaker Zig Zagler had said about motivation that – “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing.  That’s why we recommend it daily” asserts the point of having the employees being encouraged at regular intervals.  Coming to work should make each and every employee of your organization feel excited! There are umpteen methods to have a cheerful and content workforce without having to raise their compensation. Following are few hand-picked methods that can help in creating a positive, motivated ambiance in an organization:

Encouraging Employees for their Accomplishments

A petite word of encouragement can go a long way in having a motivated workforce in an organization.  If an employee does a good job and accomplishes the task entrusted to him or her well, it is important that they are appreciated for the same. An email, a simple thank you note or giving them a small gift as the token of appreciation or just a modest lunch will keep them buoyant. These humble efforts will have them work better and deliver such exponential results in the future as well. To have the quotient of encouragement in place PeopleWorks can help an enterprise. PeopleWorks talent management solution is a next-generation build up to stitch a superior employee and organization connect. Performance Management module of People Works makes it easy for the management to track performance and inculcate a milieu of constant growth. The monitoring of the performance of an employee and assessing shortcomings helps them to perform better. This gives the management and the employee a roadmap to growth. That always helps people move beyond their limitations, which is invaluable to all concerned.

Building a Constructive Environment

The essential tonic of having a productive workforce is by motivating them. No one likes being micro-managed in an official set-up. On the other hand, motivation is the key to have employees reach the success quotient at work. Having your workforce know that they are being cared for is in itself a stimulus for them to give in their best and be more productive at work. PeopleWorks Competency module is one stop solution to encourage knowledge and learning driven setting at work. Complementing the performance management system the competency module of PeopleWorks augments avenues to utilize true potentials of a resource. It also helps remove hurdles blocking the way of the overall effectiveness of employees and the organization as a whole.

 Encouraging Skill Enrichments

Perk up your workforce to take novel initiatives and learn new proficiency to enliven their working style. Get them involved in training sessions and professional certifications that will help open avenues of career progression. Basis the identified skill gaps, the training module of PeopleWorks is a perfect doorway to help employees and management work together in building a comprehensive knowledge-based environment in an organization. Training in itself is a motivational quotient for employees to improve their work and perform better.

Ushering Lucid Communication

Organizational communication plays an important role in molding a positive and transparent outlook in employees. While communicating with them, it is important that the management ushers inappropriate care and shares all requisite information – positive and negative. This makes employees feel involved and builds an environment of mutual trust. It is also important for an organization to take out time in listening to the concerns of employees and resolve them. To chime in clear and transparent communication in an organization, PeopleWorks modules such as – Connect, Broadcast and Query can be the right boost for any motivational needs.  Query module makes it easy to voice concerns and track the TAT for the same. Broadcast and Connect are the other two modules which guarantee a collaborative working model within the organization.

PeopleWorks can help propel your work culture forward with a plethora of industry-specific modules ensuring a smoother workflow and instilling an environment of optimism and motivation in your enterprise. Steer ahead of the competition by blending cloud-driven technology in your working model by having a workforce that is self-driven with PeopleWorks!

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