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Training employees – Because they are worth it!

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training employees because they are worth it

An experienced soldier works hard during training, because he knows that the more you sweat during training the less you bleed during war.

This same adage goes for employees – the better an employee is trained, the more professional will be his or her response to a stressful situation. Training helps employees pick up and hone their skills in an environment that is caring and nurturing. Employees acquire new skills, increasing their contribution to an organization and building up their self-esteem. Their existing skills are upgraded, and they can now do new and more challenging tasks, thus improving their contribution to an organization and its business.

Training is a key part of the Human Resource Management function. By investing in employee development, organizations are able to demonstrate their loyalty and commitment to their staff which is reflected by increased engagement, improved retention, dedication to company goals, and is an important element for organizations that need to be fit and fine when it comes to customer service delivering value.

Studies of training across developed nations reveal that organizations with lower staff turnover spend the most on training and education. But what stops HR Managers from viewing training as the best possible retention tool and a key part of Employee engagement?

Reasons why HR managers don’t engage in training!

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Training can improve business performance and profits. An organization can choose what new skills its workforce gains, targeting skills to the need of the organisation for the present and for the future. The benefits of a trained workforce have been shown to flow through to customers who become more satisfied with the improved level of products and services.

There are many reasons for organizations to conduct training among employees.


An organization’s value in the market place is completely dependent on its relevance to the market and the society it serves. Both the market and society are ever-changing and fluid environments that will necessitate the development and implementation of newer strategies and abilities to deal with new realities. As an organization re-adapts itself to changing realities, its employees will need to be a part of that change by acquiring the new skills and abilities that are necessary to keep an organization relevant to its environment.

People need maintenance and upgrades even more than machines do.  Retraining is maintenance. Training is an upgrade, and Development is the next generation model.

PeopleWorks is a complete cloud-based Human Capital Management Software that streamlines HR processes through automation. Our Training module ensures Employee training can be managed easily and measured effectively by the HR Department and Management.

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