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Tracking Time Made Easier With PeopleWorks Timesheet Module

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tracking time made easier with

Organizations have been using time sheets to efficiently monitor employees’ time, to effectively measure their productivity and to provide a means to track time for payroll, billing and project management. Time sheet has to be simple to use so that employees can utilize it efficiently. The time sheet is a great time saver for administrators and an easy job for staff to complete even during downtime or on the go.
What are the current challenges you face with manual Time sheets?

  • Scribbled and stained time sheets are wasted papers
  • Time sheet handled manually wastes time and cost
  • Inappropriate payment to an employee
  • Can be misplaced or lost
  • Queries and exceptions delay the timely input of information into payroll
  • Inaccurate project costing due to lack of data on man-hours worked

A bigger challenge lies in the fact that employees are bad at filling out time sheets. They either forget, guess or delay. A survey from Harvard Business Review reveals facts on the way employees manage time

5 Reasons Why Automated Time sheet Module Is Desirable

1. Time sheets can be done on Cloud
The most important advantage is that the time sheet module is cloud-based. With more and more dispersed and mobile global workforce, Cloud has lent its greatest advantage to employee connectivity and collaboration. Wherever your employees may be, track their work!

2.Eliminate Paper
Most organizations are going green by saving paper usage for time sheet handling. It is easier and efficient to store all your documents online or simply on your desktop. So automate your time sheet to save cost and paper!

3. Save Time
How do you know you are not spending more time than needed on a task or a client? Employees benefit by being aware of tasks that are on priority and nearing deadlines and hence need to be addressed immediately. Use automated time sheets to manage your time better.

 4. Anywhere Access
Isn’t it difficult to access a particular employee’s time sheet from a pile of the time sheets? Shift to automated time sheet for ease of management. Employee and employer can gain access to the required information from anywhere and at any time they want. Also, it is safe and secure and misuse can be avoided.

 5. Make Profitable Business
Improve your business with automated time sheet. It tracks down time taken by an employee to complete the task and hence pushes him to do a similar task in lesser time and more efficiently. The biggest advantage is that it helps better planning, costing and on time delivery of projects, both by the employee to his manager, and by the business to its customers. Better systems ensure lesser wastage and increased profitability.

Time sheets must be digitized, enabling employees to reduce time spent in filling it up and data entry errors caused through manual entry.

PeopleWorks Time sheets feature gives you a sound tool for planning, assigning, managing and monitoring projects and operations. PeopleWorks holds pride in offering the Time sheet for employees as a part of the PeopleWorks HCM Solution.It tracks the number of hours spent by employees against the assigned tasks in a project. It is convenient and offers and enhanced user experience.

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