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TIME is MONEY. Track it!

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time is money track it

In an organization it is important to understand how time is spent, on which project and by who. It is a sheet of pre-formatted fields in which daily tasks performed by each employee are filled in their individual sheets. This not only helps Project leaders and HR Managers, but it also helps the employees plan their day better.

Every long, tiring day at work has a similar ending. No, not with a celebratory drink or a good night’s sleep. They usually end by filling out a timesheet that tracks down how an employee spent his/her time that day. The purpose of a timesheet is to calculate the total man hours spent on a project, the cost incurred on a project, backlog analysis at any stage, the engagement of an individual in a project and requirement analysis.

Wasting time at work? Who does it? It is easy to complain about how employees these days just don’t have work ethics, but being able to back that up with actual statistics? Priceless.

Who are the time wasters? Here are a few statistics that show us how many workers waste time.
• 64% – 1 hour or less
• 22% – 2 hours or less
• 14% – 3 + hours

Some statistics even go to say that those born between 1980 – 1985 waste almost 4 times as much time as those born between 1930 – 1949!

But who is to confirm such in-the-air judgements!

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Employees would rather take the time to make a very long list of things they would do rather than fill out their timesheets. Make filling out these mundane things easier for your employees by:

  • Making timesheets easier: Most companies employ complicated and time-consuming processes of tracking time. By simplifying the input process, employees will submit their timesheets on time without complaining.
  • Make timesheets simple: If a timesheet takes longer than 10 minutes to fill, then introduce your employees to software that takes 30 seconds to track their hours.
  • Give explanations or video tutorials: The more your employees know about where the timesheet data goes, the more likely they are going to be filling it out.
  • Speaking of automation: Manual processes are boring. Automated timesheets have the benefit of being accessible to everyone and makes filling out timesheets much easier and quicker.

For any business to be productive and profitable, they must be able to track their employees’ time. Completing timesheet takes involvement from the entire team. It is a journey, not a destination, and only one small but important piece towards an end objective of making work life better.

Typically, a Timesheet module integrated into the overall Human Resource Management Software is ideal as it reduces redundancy and integrates data with Project Scheduling and Project costing modules. A good Timesheet report provides project wise, team-wise and day-wise time consumed on a project. The benefit of tracking such man-hours is better project planning, cost planning, productivity analysis and predict reasonable project deliveries.

PeopleWorks Timesheet module lets you track the hours spent by employees against the assigned tasks within a project. It has a user-friendly interface for time entry and approval process.

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