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The Wonderland of Employment

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The Wonderland of Employment


The Elusive Four Words
It’s an awesome deal if you get back home from work every day and before you can sink into a couch, you might yell gleefully “I Love My Job!” Hard to imagine, but it is possible. We’ve heard those before. Though worldwide studies reflect only 20% of employees are fully engaged at work. So what do some companies do differently than others that their employees don’t work like bumble bees but breeze through workload like butterflies in a symphony? , Employees are just as human in their workplace as well. An employer who values his employees’ physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth is truly able to inspire them. There are several contributory factors to this sensibility. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Goals and expectations are clearly discussed and instead of experiencing accountability for everything, employees explore autonomy in their role.
  • When employees feel understood and trusted, they naturally go beyond the incentive driven-work approach. They transcend to a creative bent of mind, trying to not just find solutions for profits, but innovating to realize succession planning. This way, companies benefit from multifold talent.
  • Leaders and managers shoulder the responsibility for uniform nurture and care of all employees and periodically recognize the contributions of their team members and otherwise. Rewards and recognition go a long way in employee motivation and retention.
  • Employees feel belonged when their RO or team lead recommends them for soft/ hard skill upgrades or learning and development programs. Opportunities to travel and mingle with other cultures brings excitement and stimulus for over-the-top achievement
  • Allowance of two-way performance reviews is an example of showing a workforce that they matter. Both management and employees can fill up surveys and Q & A. The anonymity can be retained, whenever needed.
  • Workplaces designed for comfort, with bright, sanguine interiors, subtly motivate employees to return to their “happy place” every day. There should be ample mobility area, space for hanging out for breaks other than the proverbial water cooler or coffee dispenser. Office spaces can give a homely feeling, and not a cold surreal aura of detachment. The employees should be convinced their workplace is “safe” from hazards as well.
  • Employee connect goes hand in hand with empowerment in other ways. Wishing them on their special days, celebrating occasions, interesting newsletters, minimal firewalls, BYOD etc., are some channels of integrating and inspiring morale of working people. Transparency of information is vital for keeping these avenues flexible and open. The workforce feels united and cohesive and it creates common ground for sharing aptitudes and values.

Capture Employee Delight with PeopleWorks

If you aspire for your company to be “A Great Place to Work”, start with PeopleWorks’ integrated Employee Lifecycle Management solution. Within this cloud-based hr software application are several modules with features that robustly support an organization’s ambition to be “The Wonderland of Employment”. PeopleWorks Human Capital Management solution comes with a suite of modules that streamline manual data management systems and seamlessly convert them into an automated online application which is available anywhere, anytime, being on-cloud. Your employee data is secure and accessible with a single click. The intuitive interface allows the users to navigate freely and easily, and handle data and queries independently, without knocking on HR and management doors. Leave, attendance, payroll, intra-connect, newsletters, reports, company policy, queries and much more, are all consolidated as capsules within a single application that can release much of manual input stress and convert your manual HR operations into transformed business in a congenial work environment.

And as a leader, you can orchestrate your workforce into a unique symphony of your choice. 
And to end, an appropriate quote from Lewis Carroll, “Take care of the sense and the sounds will take care of themselves” – Alice In Wonderland


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