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The role of Employee Self Service tool in HR

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The role of Employee Self Service tool in HR

Employees across various industries rely highly on the HRs for any kind of permissions or queries. HRs are constantly being tested to provide employee service quickly because of advances in technology.

Organizations have taken a step towards easing HR’s tasks by introducing the workforce to automated tools which can take care of some of their requirements.

Employee self-service tools integrated in HRMS can take care of several transactional requests.
This tool can either be accessed via the intranet of the organization or even the internet. The ESS tool is helpful for filing reimbursements or taking leaves or even to access information about the organization itself.

HRMS is a tool that can enable the HR department of an organization to focus on much more important things for the organization since the tool takes care of day to day employee requirements from the HR.

For example, HR can now focus on finding better workforce or planning a strategy for the growth of the organization over approving leaves or following up with the employees for the same.
There are several benefits for an organization if a tool is used instead of assigning the work to the HR. By using the tool, we reduce the hassle of paperwork and also make the process employee-friendly.

Unlike HRs of the organization, there is no day off for the tool as it functions 24X7.
The cost of the transaction is highly reduced thanks to automation.

The employee service can be hassle-free as there is one common tool for every employee in the organization instead of increasing number of executives just to take care of the employee services.
It is absolutely necessary for organizations to keep update their infrastructure and work style with the advancing technology. Starting off with a tool that can ease the work of the workforce should be the key focus for all organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Employee self-service (ESS) is a type of technology that allows employees to manage their human resources (HR), information technology (IT), and other administrative needs.
An ESS programme, often known as an employee self-service portal, is any software that allows users to access data and learn on the move. It is a human resource technology that facilitates human resource management. An ESS gateway is usually found in combination with HRMS or human resource management software.
In the pandemic era, almost every company's employees are working from home, so to obtain all the hours and data employees work, ESS is essential and handy to keep track of. Increased productivity, enhanced compliance, and time and energy savings are all benefits of ESS for your business.

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