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The Power of Productivity

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power of productivity

Productivity in a workplace can broadly be categorized forthcoming from two sources, one is the self and the other is the support from the RO or team manager. Work management revolves around the degree of challenges and goals an individual sets themselves up for.  Whether you are the CEO, an entrepreneur, at a managerial level or at any other rung in the hierarchy, the challenges are very different and unique. The gamut and scale of professionals in the world are macroscopic, ranging from doctors and dentists to astronauts and astronomers. There are managers, professionals, technicians, sales workers, craft related and skilled workers, assemblers, operators etc. who have individual productivity challenges to contend with. Productivity is directly linked to aspiration, and successful people usually manage their outputs by pertinent goal setting. Clearly communicable and doable goals for self, and the team, whether one is a CEO, entrepreneur, or manager, are indeed the key to expansion in business. So what makes us productive at the workplace? Here are a few pointers.

A structure is the biggest constituent of a productive day, week, month, and year.  Technology is moving at a brisk pace and producing multiple comforts, as well as distractions. An individual is perhaps swamped in a sea of communication via various channels. Emails, phone calls, messaging, and social media updates are a huge part of life nowadays. While some are necessary evils, others can be partly denied. We need to learn to say NO. It is indeed an intelligent approach to bring in stringent rules for one’s own self, to optimize time in a day so that productivity does not suffer. Phone calls can be directed to voicemail except for important ones. Emails can be either grouped or forwarded to folders and checked and replied when needed. Time can be allotted for each job. And more so for social media updates. Social media posting and updating can be made during a short break. It is indeed a huge factor in distraction and encroaching of time.
Consistency in updating daily work tracking, personal information, queries with HR and management, and real-time implementation is extremely crucial. Not only does data like this remain managed and accessible, but also by comparing and collating metrics, one can map their own productivity at a go, as well as their team’s. Being consistent means less and no fumbling, and simply, more learning. Managing numbers and information also requires digging deeper for clarity which augments knowledge and growth.

Passion towards work and evolving cognition are greatly important for productivity. Besides disciplining and structuring work outputs, a zeal for getting past customary requirements and generating self-initiated efforts to evolve personal work, as well as the business one, is a part of is an endeavor which reflects creativity and individuality as an employee. Sustained support and positive reinforcement keep employees motivated and hence consistently productive. The supervising manager and management have a great role to play as far as guiding this passion are concerned. Their positive influence and input is a precursor to a harmonious and profitable purpose in work management.

Freedom to experiment and allowance for trials and errors is again a space for wisdom and progress. Kept within limits, an effort towards trying out new ideas can be part of a journey of the employee, the team and the organization. With freedom comes responsibility and there is no better way to empower someone than giving them independence while gently but firmly laying down the rules. Work seriously, but have fun at work, says L.S Ram, President and Executive Director, Crossdomain Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Given these few parameters themselves, with an environment that gears their employees for their optimum efficiency, success stories can be written based on productivity. Productivity is a derivative of skill and time management to perform a task. Time management is an individual human aspect, but organizations that strive to provide the best technological advantage to their employees are aligning themselves for better productive capacity.

As an automated application geared for seamlessly integrating HR processes for any organization, PeopleWorks has designed an intuitive and holistic solution for an organization’s optimum efficiency and productivity. PeopleWorks’ multiple modules organize Employee Lifecycle Management to an extent that all data is available with a single click on an extremely user-friendly portal. From employees to management and HR, reports, personal data, transcripts, surveys, travel and expense submissions, intraorganisational connect, broadcast, newsletters, recognition, all details are secure and accessible with an anytime, anywhere facility. PeopleWorks is completely cloud-based and can be customized by an organization to blend in with its former data management systems. There is no better solution for your workplace to be streamlined and stress-free than PeopleWorks.

Quoting some famous words to exemplify the essence of productivity,
“We need space to be productive, we need places to go to be free.”
Laure Lacornette
“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”

Paul J. Meyer

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