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The Ex-employee Portal joins the HCM family!

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ex employee joins with HCM family

Employees are the cogs around which the gears of business turn. It is important to ensure employee engagement during their tenure with the organization. It is equally important to ensure easy exit of employees, upon separation. A happily exited employee is a great brand ambassador of your business!

The Separation process starts from the time the employee hands in his/her resignation letter and is completed only when the organization and the employee have clearly met exit procedures. When someone leaves the company, the HR department first gets possession of the employee’s laptop. But what about the data on the other equipment? How can the organization know what is on their mobile devices? Or know the websites and cloud-based software the employee has access to? Each organization must have comprehensive separation policies and procedures to treat the departing employees equitably and ensure a smooth transition for them.

While the off-boarding process is managed by the HR department, IT needs to be brought in to make sure that the now ex-employee is not walking and talking security breach. That’s why the HR has to work with an organized system to turn off access to every system to which the employee has access. According to a recent survey;

  • More than 13% of respondents still can access a previous employer’s system using their old credentials.
  • A surprising percentage of respondents still have access into two or more ex- employer’s systems.

But what about external sites to which employees have access: website analytics, blogs, stock photo sites? Social media is a huge security gap in terms of access to data and also the ability to post and publish by ex-employees. De-commissioning employees is a very tedious process and does not involve unilateral decisions. Be accurate. Be professional. A good HCM software with an easy to use Separation feature, can handle the Exit process and ease the HR department of routine activities pertaining to employee’s relief and ensure nothing is missed out in the process.


At the same time, there are many benefits of allowing an ex-employee to access the information related to his/her employment stint with the organization.

  • Personalized communication between the HR department and ex-employee
  • Ensuring a smooth and easy exit process for the employee
  • 2- way value proposition
  • The ex-employee can access and download documents related to his exit; resignation acceptance letter, experience letter, full and final settlement payslip etc.
  • This is helpful in reducing the burden on both the HR and ex-employee especially regarding information exchange and availability of documents.

The Ex-Employee Portal is a new feature introduced in the PeopleWorks HCM Software. This portal acts as the information exchange tool between the HR department of the organization and the ex-employee.
PeopleWorks is a complete cloud-based HCM software that focuses on employees’ overall user experience.  To know more, visit

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