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Technology to transform HR – PeopleWorks HRMS

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technology to transform hr

The impact of technology on Human Resource Management was limited to using only a few application softwares of the Microsoft Office package. However with the advent of cost-cutting and productivity management, businesses are now being optimized to better utilize their most expensive resource – Human Resource.
This Technology driven optimization process has resulted in the evolution of the Human Resource Management System (HRMS). The primary advantages of a HRMS are:

  • Automated & digitized employee data management
  • Efficiently managing day-to-day HR functions like payroll, leave management, etc.
  • Useful reporting functions and evaluation capabilities
  • Streamline the recruiting process
  • Improve intra-organization communication

One more major vantage point missed out by most HRMS solutions is mobility or remote access to the system. This is needed by most businesses as globalization has forced even SMB’s to operate from more than one location. However, the emergence of ‘Cloud’ Technology has the potential to solve this problem from a cost-efficient perspective.

Cloud is the next generation of ERP solutions. But it is much more advanced, flexible and cost-efficient. It helps in hosting any software or database over the internet, so that end users of that software or database are able to access & use it through only an internet enabled device like a tab, laptop or PC or even a smartphone. Pioneered by Amazon web-services, Cloud is based on the SaaS (Software as a Service) model of subscription or implementation. In today’s competitive business scenario, it gives entrepreneurs the freedom of subscribing to this service without worrying about the hassles of installing or maintaining the Web-hosting part, which is expensive and tedious.

So far, HRMS solutions have been either hosted on in-house ERP setups or private clouds setups. However the primary objective of managing HR productivity from a cost-effective view-point was unachieved as such solutions required huge investments for installation & maintenance.

Enter PeopleWorks. It is an employee lifecycle management solution hosted from a public Cloud setup. It is designed while keeping in mind the specific needs & challenges of Human Capital Management in small and medium scale enterprises. The specific advantages of PeopleWorks over other HRMS solutions available in the market are as follows:

Leveraging latest technology: It’s hosted on a Public cloud in order to be globally accessible through only an Internet connection. Moreover, with it’s built-in Antivirus protection and SSL certificate based 256 bit encryption for all data transfers, it’s the most secure HRMS available.

Simplicity redefined – With an extremely user-friendly Graphic User Interface and simple yet detailed features for quick decision making, it’s the easiest HRMS to operate & implement.

Infinite Scalability – With the ‘pay-per-user’ model of subscription and optional choice of modules, it saves your business huge investments in the setup & maintenance of ERP (In-house HRMS).

HR domain expertise – With 12+ years of HR domain expertise behind the designers of this solution and inputs from Subject matter experts, we know what exactly works and what tall claims mean.

Unmatched Customer Support – With every PeopleWorks client being assigned one Customer Success Manager and automated product updates being rolled out periodically, we make sure that your business achieves Growth Uninterrupted.

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