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Talent Acquisition

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Talent Acquisition

“A strategic approach to identifying, attracting, and onboarding talent to efficiently and effectively meet dynamic business needs.” is how Bersin by Deloitte defines Talent Acquisition. Bersin also defines Recruiting as, “The tactical component of attracting and identifying job candidates.”
The difference between the two, is how talent can be connected to business needs over fulfilling momentary needs.
4 things to consider as a HR for Talent Acquisition

  1. Creation & Validation
    The key here is identifying the gaps that need to be filled for smooth functioning and thus creating the need for Talent Acquisition. And need varies, depending on perception and requires validation. A standard checklist, when used, makes the process of assessment of need easier.
  2. Source & Attract
    Sourcing depends completely on the strategy. The leads generated will revolve around the type of strategy used to source candidates. Approaches used for marketing could be applied and various social media platforms can be used to attract suitable candidates.
  3. Screening & Assessment
    This stage is when you can understand if the approach used to attract candidates has worked well. Screening through the candidates to find which of them would actually fit into the job description can open and close several doors if not done effectively. Assessment must be done with an open mind but also being critical of the candidates abilities to fit the role applied for.

Interview & Offer
The interview process is a crucial step. Designing the right methods to test if the candidate has the talent required to fit and flourish in the opportunity that will be provided. Hiring Manager’s interview with the candidate will give the organization a better understanding of the candidate’s potential.
Offer negotiation with the candidate must be done keeping the industry standards as the basis and also making sure the candidate is pleased with the terms. A balance must be maintained to ensure that it becomes the basis of a symbiotic relationship between the organization and its future employee.
Talent Acquisition is a strategy to find specialists to tap the existing potential in the organization and keep it growing exponentially.

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