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Staying Connected after Separation

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Staying Connected after Separation

Organizations heavily invest in two very important things, marketing and advertising. This is primarily done to create awareness about the organization’s brand and increase visibility.
Research shows that one of the most efficient ways to do this is to get employees to reflect an optimistic brand image. We can all agree that, what an employee has to say about the work environment of an organization, holds weight. We also know that perception is a reality, and this means that how people perceive your brand is what makes your brand.

Former Employees’ Dependence on an Organization –

It is very well known that once an employee exits an organization, his/her dependence on HR increases ten fold; be it access to documents related to employment or finance. When a former employee is given access to these documents after his/her exit, it makes them feel a sense of connection with the organization and makes the organization seem approachable and employee friendly.

Exit – the Right Way!

Now that an organization has decided to make an ex-employee portal accessible to former employees, a few things must be considered to validate what kind of exits make an employee eligible for this privilege. Employees can exit an organization in three ways – Abscond, Termination and Resignation. It is very evident from the above-mentioned ways, that only an employee who has a clean exit from an organization will be eligible to access the ex-employee portal.

The Ex-Employee call back

Access to an ex-employee portal and keeping former employees in the good books creates a good vibe between the organization and the employees. It also creates a positive image for the organization that may make former employees consider the option to rejoin the organization if and when an opportunity presents itself.

Staying connected after separation, therefore, creates a positive brand image for an organization while maintaining a good relationship with former employees.

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