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SEPARATE with mediocrity to embrace growth

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SEPARATE with mediocrity to embrace growth

Separations are always difficult. Some are even bitter. However, if you belong to the HR department, you are aware of how cumbersome it often gets. Even when you put yourself in the shoes of an employee who is moving on to a new job or retiring, you have to acknowledge the uncountable formalities he/she has to complete. As an employer would you like to be remembered by your ex-employee as someone who harassed the daylight out of them even at the end of their relationship with you?

Would that be good for your PR? Any employee who runs around various departments for clearances on his/her last day would take it as an insult to their tenure in your organisation. Would you like to simplify even that detail of your employee’s life? Whether they are moving for personal growth or retiring, won’t it be better to say goodbye in a genuinely professional way?

That’s where the Separate module of PeopleWorks comes in. It would help your organisation part ways with your employees even at the end of their employee life cycle. Moreover, it would be your primary research tool to manage attrition. It is so designed that company policies can be seamlessly integrated. This enables both parties move forward amicably, while maintaining the confidentiality. The PeopleWorks Separate module would help your HR complete the following formalities in the most systematic and time saving way possible.

  • Track separations from resignation letter intimations to automatic updation of employee database
  • Track departmental clearances from various departments like IT, HR, Finance, Operations
  • Log exit interviews to know the real reason without spending any real time with the ex-employee
  • Full ‘n’ Final settlement to amicably end all monetary bonds
  • Attrition Reporting to find out if anything needs to be amended in your company policy

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