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Self Serviced Data Management – Be your own Barista

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self serviced data managemnt

ImageWhat is your best bet in a day, at work?

My guess would be a great cup of coffee.

Yup, pour yourself that cappuccino from the gurgling vending machine. And yes, it could be a latte or an espresso . Whip up some automatic steam from the nozzle, and get straight back to your desk. You just pressed some options and got your best results, isn’t it? You had choices, and your hour was saved not having to create a cup of coffee, the “conventional” way.

And then, neck deep within a brewing work day, your best bet could be crisp management of your personal data and information at-a-click, avoiding those knocking-on-doors of busy teams and the HR department. So how does one manage their own data grind?

Be Your Own Data Barista

As an employee, it’s a sheer delight to oversee your own data and information and sink back in the comfort that it’s completely safe in a web environment and intrinsically integrated within the organization. Employee Self Service is a generic term for web based solutions increasingly welcomed by HR managers, who deploy them in their Employee Data Management. This is a smarter way to collect iterations from a large workforce and headcount, from their individual work stations, without spamming the organizational intranet with multiple email queries and responses.

How optimized is the usability of such a platform?

It is a single click solution to all HR related activities, presented on one portal for every employee. The data repository for all employees is in a single data bank for confidential HR information and processing. Such modules provide an easy-to-navigate domain that is accessible by all employees, irrespective of their location and 24 x 7. So you can access it with your login, through your mobile as well, if you travel extensively, are mostly onsite, or in a different geographical location.

How do I determine that my data is individual and secure?

Your access rights are established by your HRM and are typically determined by employee position in the organizational hierarchy, department and key job areas or functions. Of course, handling large volumes of data creates a risk of invasion of employee privacy. But HRMS providers such as PeopleWorks seamlessly integrate their product within a cloud-based technology where security issues are laid to rest with Testing before Implementing
Am I saving costs by this concept of self service?

Yes. You are accessing a self service portal, which is innovatively synced, from your personal ID, login, leave management updates, to payroll sync. No need for forms for acknowledging receipts, emergency contacts or policy sign offs, hence minimizing postage and printing paper costs. You even reduce phone bills, by independently submitting and receiving approvals for travel, as well as expense decisions by your superiors, all online, in a systematic data submission format. Which HRMS provider is an optimal choice in integrating a self service function for Employee Data Management?

PeopleWorks Human Capital Management is one of the most versatile cloud-based HRMS service providers. Our product comes with the added advantage of installation, configuration and management being the solution provider’s onus. Irrespective of your company’s location, People Works ensures that all employees are connected within the organization and that HR requirements are duly met.

In a work environment, your interaction with the HR department, being reduced to an equivalent of time spent on a self serviced cappuccino, is a liberating bet, then. The greatest advantage for you as an employee is the time saving. And creative yields from a relaxed mind can be the harbinger for personal and organizational growth and expansion.

And so said Louisa M. Alcott, I’d rather take coffee than compliments just now.”



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