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satisfied employees shine and conquer

Employee satisfaction needs to be the most measurable parameter in an organization. At any given time, HR must have an accurate idea of how satisfied or happy an employee is with their job and the work ethos. Employees become a better fit in an organization only when they feel that their comfort level in their work environment is being taken care of. Keeping an eye on job satisfaction is important for management from the perspective of maintaining and retaining the employees within the organization. Fitting the right employee in the right job and creating an ambient culture to keep them satisfied is a huge challenge for HR teams.

PeopleWorks helps HR teams by evolving them from being service providers to being talent nurturers, by way of automation. This is first and foremost being practiced in the PeopleWorks enterprise as well.

Automation within our own ecosystem has shown immense Employee Satisfaction. We conducted an Employee Pulse Survey internally to gather responsive data on employee satisfaction and engagement within our own organization and the results were encouraging.1st_Dec_39_15_Blog
The main mantra for our organization’s success and high productivity has been reaffirmed by putting our employees first. Our company recognizes how the fabric of industry is changing across all verticals and job profiles.

Hence, we change and adapt to constant technological advancements and identify the training needs of our employees, to be in sync with their working methodology.
At PeopleWorks, we ensure that the morale and motivation of the employees are boosted adequately. We understand that a satisfied employee is full of productive energy, stays loyal and is consistently dedicated.

A company that doesn’t understand, appreciate and cater to the needs of its employees will face chaos, confusion, and turmoil. The symptoms of low employee morale include:
• Conflict among employees
• High absenteeism
• Insubordination
• Work monotony
• Decreased productivity and outcome
• Disorganized workplace environment

Each company has a different working ecosystem and deals with its employees in various ways. At PeopleWorks, we continuously prioritize employee satisfaction in many ways. This has largely been possible because our HR teams have automated routine HR tasks and spend quality time in engaging employees.

• Keeping a strong team spirit that keeps our employees motivated and engaged through Employee Connect.
• Building valuable bonds among co-workers by going on off sites, team lunches and event celebrations.
• Periodic Rewards and Recognition for the entire workforce, and appreciation by our Chairman and CxOs.
• Personal one-on-one sessions with reporting managers, as and when required, to understand the emotional and creative side of our employees.
• A general atmosphere of comfortable working environment, where each employee is respected and valued.
• HR is always available to answer employee Queries and resolve requests quickly.

All this would not have been a possibility, without bringing automation into our ecosystem. The time our HR team gets by smooth data processing is reinvested into our human capital, to ensure an uninterrupted growth for our workforce. Satisfied employees are the ones who shine at the end of the day.

“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.” – Simon Sinek

PeopleWorks is a complete cloud-based Human Capital Management Software that streamlines HR processes through automation.
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